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Warby Parker grabs new investment from American Express & J. Crew CEO, closing a $41.5M round -

Do you own a pair of Warby Parkers?
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Just watching +TWiT and leo is doing adds for them now - I'm in the UK so its probably not available for me but I must say it sounds very impressive :)
Not yet, but maybe soon.  The eyeglass industry like many others is based on a huge pile of marketing and sales fees piled on top of frames that cost a few bucks to make, if that.  They do that because of the veneer of "medical supplies" that keeps it largely a closed shop - and somehow this spills over into sunglasses too.  Really they should cost about $20 and we should be able to get new ones almost every month.
Google makes the difference..
I just placed an order for try-on at home.  We'll see how that goes.
Just ordered some for my husband. Exactly as described, prompt and chic. 
Truth be said...some of the frames look like, well, military issue "Birth Control Glasses", so named because it was rare the wearer got laid...
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