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Apple looking into 3D app and file drawer to extend Mac OS X dock -
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So they're trying to patent Android's app drawer?
but only win at court on USA 
Apple Invents..., just knocked me off my chair, how innovative invention. It surely deserves a patent!
Yep, first was the weel then apple "invented" the square with rounded corners
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This is probably neat but being someone who works in UI stuff I find it a bit worrying that such things can be patented. 
+Rod McCall my thoughts precisely. The US patent office is fuelling this crazy patent war, by even allowing this to be considered. They should politely send it back with a stamp "Rejected for Obviousness- Don't try this again!" 
+Rod McCall Its sad that things have come down to this but I get where Apple is coming from, don't necessarily agree with it but they feel they need to patent as much as they can, so competitors can't "steal" their IP but like +Petr Faitl said its really on the US Patent office for allowing this to happen
A screen full of icons... I think my desktop has prior art.
Some people don't know the difference between a patent application and a patent. But that won't prevent them from trolling against Apple.
+Nino Novak perhaps you'll enlighten us.

I can see only two reasons in my view is a) obtain a protection for their IP b) draw a line in the sand to say we thought of this on such and such day.

My point is this sort of UI element should not be patentable. It will stop others on improving and taking it further. The end result of IP protection is less innovation. It's not like they've sweated over this design for years and spent gazillions of dollars.

If it was any other company I'd be almost happy to believe that they'd open source the patent for free, but with Apple ...
+Nino Novak I wonder what would happen if the first car manufacturer patented it's vehicle? Would you be navigating a five-wheeled car with a joystick? I think that makes more sense than patenting a fracking rectangle.
+Bora Aymete just on a technical note, the layout of pedals and methods of shifting gears or braking has changed since the first car or even a decade of early cars but I absolutely agree with your point.

Maybe it actually demonstrates the point further. Take what we have and improve upon it, to make it better for everyone's sake.
 you are right Petr, but that improvements were implemented in older one first isnt it?
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