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I'm so glad they have a version for the Pocket PC ;)
Seriously? It's decent, but not that great.
its great that google maps wins the cruchie because apple maps is a piece of shit
Wait why are we still taking about Apple? Isn't Apple dead already, oh sorry that was the ceo.
Well deserved.. to imagine all the information needed to map the entire world including places of interest, street view phots etc is huge
Hardly a surprise, considering the state of the Apple map app on iPhone
Yes. Keep innovate, Google. 
L am
The finest! Hardwork shows!
Not surprising, Google Maps is awesome. I basically use it everyday for some reason or another.
BTW have you noticed that the maps now change according to the direction you are heading to? I realised it today, when I used Google Maps on the way back home. I'm not sure though, whether it has been always like that before, but I found the function today by chance on my Galaxy Note 2.
Maybe not always, but for a long time anyway. On Android that is. I'm really sorry for you iPeople, all you have to go through to get asps that actually work.
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