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Kids want iPads this year. What's on top of your holiday wish list?
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Again, trendy kids who don't know any better, the typical iBuyer.
The 5linx powerplay is a must have for all techies
Not surprised, what kids hear is what they want as well as what they see. If all they're friends have one they want one to they don't even care as long as a they have one.
If my kids want iPhone or iPad for Christmas, they can get a job and buy it themselves.I won't give a penny of my money to Apple. But, that's just me.
My wishlist? A decent Marshall amp for my guitar, one that easily lasts 15 years
Kids are the easiest to sucker in... like McDonalds, my kids won't go near Apple
No more Apple products in our house. Period. +Richard Georges It's not just you... I'm right with you! Luckily my girl is way too young for these things anyway
An iPad has been on my wishlist since 2010 - but I doubt it's going to happen any time soon. I prefer good books anyway. Content is always my favorite gift. 
i want assassins creed 3,not an iphone,and i would rather hav the samsung galaxy S3 than the new iphone.
Every time my family heads into VZW for whatever our reason, they offer my 2yr old, now 3 going on 4 yr old a iPad to play with. Until this summer that is, we purchased a N7 (Nexus 7). So my wife and son head into VZW for a phone warranty exchange/swap, tablet in hand. Our son then 3&1/2 yr's old sits down and starts playing with the N7. A few employees weren't too happy, but the rest of the emploees and the other customers were very impressed. He navagated his way around the tablet playing with his games, books, puzzles, and what not with ease. So most people in the store started asking lots of questions, and commenting on how old he was and how well he used the android OS. My wife just smiled... Enough said!
Continued health for my family and kids want that Surface though. We already have a large iPad (iPad) and three small iPads (2 iPod touches and 1 iPhone) so need for a medium one. I've been tired of Apple and my 11 yr old is finally starting to get it.
Proof kids want anything shiny and expensive. It's like looking at a price tag and think, "it's horribly expensive; it must be good"
I'd say this is proof of the strength of the iPad name. Most of those kids probably don't want an iPad as much as they just want a tablet, but since "iPad" is basically interchangeable with the word "tablet" at this point, iPad ends up topping the list.  Apple needs to be careful to protect their trademark, it seems "iPad" is to "tablet" as "Xerox" is to "photocopy".
"Kids want iPads this year. What's on top of your holiday wish list?"

Better tech education in schools, apparently.
How about a pair of Tim Cook & Jony Ive voodoo dolls?

Even better, throw in Phil Schiller and make it a trio.
+TechCrunch you shouldn't be posting such provocative things for these highly partisan crowds here, Apple will never get a fair hearing here.. BTW I'm an Android user myself :)
And this just proves that kids, by and large are inexperienced, insecure and obsessed with being accepted by their peers by wrapping themselves with whatever the herd finds "cool" at the moment.  Thankfully most of them tend to outgrow the nonsense within a few years of leaving high-school.
Honestly you should let the kids choose between apple and android don't even pretend you guys didn't buy skateboards and GI Joe toys just to fit in
American kids know what is quality, I am impressed.
hahaha I have always said that Apple customers are confused kids, this just proves that.
kids obviously have no idea that the ipad doesn't include a GPS =P or how much it will cost to their parents
Seriously, they're kids. iPads and iPhones are the perfect fit for them. 
Apple haters always find a reason to bash Apple products. Get a grip, people. Kids don't need features of an Android device. All they care about are game apps. 
Why would u waste $800 for something your kid DOES NOT NEED I'm a kid and my parents won't buy me anything over like $50 and they say what is the point of us working hard just to spend it all for you
Android products have game apps too.
My only qualm with Apple is the price. I can get the same features in a Android device as I can in a iPad for less $$.
My kid asked for a Nexus 10 (she's 5 and uses my Transformer Prime and my wife's Nexus 7). I showed her the video comparing the Nexus 10 to a MS Surface. Her reaction: "How'd they make something better than Android?"
^^^ Android sheep Above

vvv Soon to be comments from Android sheep
I for one do advocate for Android for the ideal that it epitomises; freedom Freedom to innovate for the good, all the greedy horders will eventually be defeated by this popular movement..
Parents need to get their kids only one thing to play with this year.  It's called, outside.
Those kids don't know any better... What r they gonna do with an ipad other than play games... Guess they don't know how having real buttons and 2 analog sticks play like vs having to touch the screen to move. PS Vita for me :)
Kids want Apple products? Lets judge them on this and nothing else!'s because ipad is easier to
I suspect the numbers would be higher if you didn't have every retailer in the land trying to talk down the iPad and push people to other tablets because of the higher profit margin.
Every time I'm in Best Buy or AT&T I hear salespeople pushing customers towards android devices with the phrase "it's basically an iPad/iPhone"
Kids want tablets, not ipads.  Kids don't know the difference between ipads and tablets.  Give them an android tablet and they'll be just as excited.  The problem is that the ipad has become synonymous with tablets, so when they say ipad they mean tablet.
Like +Jim Blaich says, exactly. Our grandchildren didn't know the difference till I explained it.
Their school system has been overrun with Apple salesmen for several years now
It's easier for kids to remember iPhone, iPad, and iPod since the product name basically stays the same. It would be cool, though, to see a kid give a well-reasoned argument for why he/she wants a Nexus 4 versus a HTC DNA for Christmas (e.g. "Well Dad, even though the DNA has an impressive screen, I like the power efficiency of the Nexus 4's 2100 mAh battery").
But seriously...all those gadgets, video games and stuffs, are they any good for kid's development? I have a son, 2 months old now and i can't help thinking of it.
Not iAnything.
Nook HD+, but it'll probably have to wait until tax time.
+Koko Widyatmoko there are a few comments just in this thread about child development via technology like tablets.
I would have had the same concerns, but my almost four year old has known the alphabet for almost two years now, is able to count to twenty and subtract up to four whatever's.
This is so fake... Apple...For Christmas.... yeah sure... let me give a 6 year old a iPad he will use it wisely.... 
"Those devices occupied four of the top five spots on Nielsen’s annual holiday shopping study among kids aged 6 to 12, which tracks interest in consumer buying intent over the next six months."
Really? How silly is that premise? How many of these devices do 6 - 12 year olds intend to buy? <LOL!>
On top of my tech present list are as many Samsung devices as possible.
All of you Apple haters are just jealous of Apple. Not all kids are stupid, you know.
Apple haters, stop commenting on this post. The same to Android haters. The real issue here is why parents buy their kids iPads and Nexus7s. When I was younger, I would get Legos and books for Christmas. Sometimes I would get a video game, and once I got a Robopet (does anyone remember when those were popular?) The point is, parents should buy their kids something that's just as fun as any of these gadgets, but has more educational value (like Legos, or books.)

+Giovanni Salas, why do you hate everything that's not iApple? Don't be a hater.
I don't hate iApple at all. I don't like their ludicrous lawsuits, but I just wouldn't pay their inflated prices for what they offer - and I surely wouldn't buy one for a young kid. But then, I don't have more money than sense, either. I've been using a tablet for two years that does everything I need it to do - monitor and control my security systems, remote in to my office computer and do my job, watch my NetFlix, surf the 'net, work on my "Office" documents, anything. I can add MicroSD's to it at will. I can even read a book if I want to - with page-curl and everything! <G> Why should I consider any other [overpriced] device? I don't have any use for 600,000 apps. Do you?
IMO, it's not very intelligent to spend 2-3x more than you need to - because of a logo. Unless, of course, you do have more money than sense.
I'm not a hater, and I posted no hate. I did however get called an Android Sheep immediately after. 

Nice crowd.  :P
Apple has done a great job of marketing their products.  Just like recently when they shocked the nation by showing them they can create panoramas on their phones...the new iphones.  Brilliant!
There's a lot of snickering, eye rolling, and pointless Apple bashing in this thread, almost none of it with any reasoning to back it up. That type of commentary is a waste of everyone's time. Apple has real issues, issues with unethical production practices, with IP/patent abuse, and with the closed nature of their products. I don't see people trying to address those here.

Apple is certainly a master of propaganda/advertising. However, the fact is that Apple products are almost always the best in class, at least for a majority of users. 

I use all major platforms and used to use Sparc Solaris at work until SUN ran it into the ground. I currently lead a team developing for Windows and Linux Client and Server and Android mobile. At home I use mostly Macs because they give you the power of true UNIX with a superior user interface to Windows or any Linux. Also, it's easy to demonstrate that a non-technical user can use a Mac (OS-X) more easily than Windows 7 or any of the popular Linux distros. It's also easy to demonstrate that a special needs person (e.g. Down Syndrome or autism) can use IOS much more easily than Android. I have a sister in law with Down Syndrome and this fact is so plain I don't need a larger study to generalize my conclusion.

The fact is that Apple creates well made products that meet most people's needs very well, in exchange for some loss of openness in the case of OS-X and a much greater loss of openness in the case of IOS. Most people (and most kids) don't care about this.
+Dale Stanton I'm not a hater, I just hate the negative comments. I love +Android and especially +Nexus. I also kinda like Windows Phone 8. The iPhone is great, too.
+Christopher Lamke I have a 3 year old and a 1 1/2 year old and they don't seem to have a problem using my Nexus 7, We only use Linux at home and my wife doesn't seem to have problems with it either.. I think you wil get used to and familiarize to what you are exposed to. I do believe what you are saying, but if my year an a half can do it i bet the average adult will to.. Cheers!!
Meanwhile, poor kids confuse Christmas as a time to celebrate family and relationships....what a joke.

Why teach children values when we can stick an electronic device in their laps and ignore them? Jesus who?
+TechCrunch Ridiculous survey, please don't become +Pete Cashmore, I have way too much respect for your work.

Do you think that kids under 6 know about the competitors to he iPad. Or are they saying iPad because it's the easiest name to remember?  I have a 5yo and a 7yo, and they only know what I'm telling them. They know about iPads, and Nexus. They have no idea about any other tablet or device, so if they're asked, guess what they're going to say.

As I said, please don'e become Mashable, regurgitating whatever story is out there without engaging your brains.
+Giovanni Salas "I'm not a hater,"
Neither are the majority of us. So your comment, "All of you Apple haters are just jealous of Apple." is out of line, IMO. No hate, no jealousy. We are no more "haters" than you are. That's one of the most over-used words we have now.
+TechCrunch asked the general question, "What's on top of your holiday wish list?" and referenced a poll where kids want iWhatever. Nothing unexpected, as most answers are in the context of the original post. Many of us don't want iAnything.
"I just hate the negative comments." Like when you accused us of being haters and being jealous of Apple, +Giovanni Salas? Interesting.
Over the past few days I have read about a dozen threads regarding Nexus/Android/Samsung and not one of them turned into a hate campaign, in fact there was not a single post in them from an Apple Fanboi bashing the product.

Yet every single F'n post that mentions Apple largely ignores the actual topic and ends up full of Fandoids and the like, bashing "CrApple" or pushing the competing product. That says an awful lot about type of person me thinks.

As I have said in other threads.... grow up, get a life or go have a wank in the corner or something. You are making G+ miserable! 

(Flame proof suit now on)
The kids that want anything apple is because there following there parents not because they just wake up and want one. 
What happen to ps3? Wii? Or transformer? Spiderman? Batman? Xmen? Hulk? Iroman? Superman? No more toys? No more sports? Basketball? 
Holiday wishlist: Nothing Apple. I don't want to waste $1,000 on LED keyboards.
So wtf do you get if your family is poor? Used crAPPLE products?
Kids are dumb, get them a Nexus 7
I would disown my kids if they asked for an iProduct ..
I agree with +Russell Stewart, the apple bashing is getting out off hand now, I thought google+ was a social network for all, seems more like a bash every company(mainly apple) if there not related to android in someway.

We are al adults and should act like some.
I bash Apple because their products are overly priced, inferior to other personal computers, Steve Jobs was a sellout, and the entire corporation lost its business ethics decades ago, +Raymond Jones. I may be a Google fan, but I dislike Apple because it's a shitty brand.
The main reason why people hate apple is because it's expensive and they can't afford it! WTF people grow up! I can't afford apple products myself that's why I'm stuck with microsoft, but I don't hate apple, it's great company!
Don't know about you, but a "shitty" brand doesn't end up on top. 
World peace. Nah, scratch that. I'd settle for a Nexus 10. 
Hope yall have plenty of money most everything out there is out of my price range: BROKE
Hahaha ya iPad for my! Obviously lots of people out there with wrong priorities or too much money. My kids aren't getting anything Apple. Apple sucks. The company and its ethics suck as do its lame products. My kids even know Apple sucks.
Tim Cooks been dreaming of the good old days again...
Give him his meds ;-)
I just realized my avatar is hobbs
Nope, my nephew specifically asked for a Nexus 7. :)
"Yet every single F'n post that mentions Apple largely ignores the actual topic and ends up full of Fandoids and the like, bashing "CrApple" or pushing the competing product. That says an awful lot about type of person me thinks."
Now that you mention it, +Russell Stewart, I don't think you commented on the original post. You didn't ignore it, did you? Methinks you might be right. <snicker>
It's not "hate", +Abdurahman Elshereef. It's just taking jabs at a low-rent company that sues over the most ridiculous things (apple farmers are next) because they can't innovate anything or think up names for their own stuff and have to steal/borrow it all from others themselves. Plus, it's fun messing with Apple iFanBoys. <G> No, Apple isn't the only low-rent company out there. They're just the most fun right now.
BTW, you're not stuck with MicroSlop. You can d/l Linux for free - and they even left out the BSOD.
When I was a kid, sneakers and a talking robot was my wish list
Glad to see PS3 above the 360. I'll be getting an android tablet this Christmas though
Cool story tech crunch.. @ any kids slobbering for an IPad: your a loser, do some researching, learn about the world around you, and get a real product. Why icrap when there are better alternatives from the perspective of morality, resource efficiency, and you can pick the third thing when you find one of the many other important ones. Apple is for idiots.. hoorah
Eric you need to get around your problems via a different vehicle than the ipad. You can still be accepted without that logo. I know at first its hard to understand how you can find a girlfriend without it among solving other problems, but trust me, you can do it.
Even I want an Ipad, also I galaxy phone.
No one cares if you can comment about wanting an iPad.. JMO.. people would be more interested in logical reasoning as to why they should overlook everything else on the market.
but that would be a personal preference,why I think a product is good or great might be the same reason you might hate it. 
Its a Nexus 7 for my neice, no Apple devices ever getting bought again by me!
Okay.. great. You want it because of supposed personal preference, which no one cares about on an E-thread lol... Obviously your not reading, as I have items outside the realm of personal preference, and you just stated, again, that you don't.
Kids are naive, so I'm not surprised. 
I've heard idiots in stores ask for an iPad and when shown one they say "No not the Apple one, the [insert non Apple tablet brand] one" so this survey really only reveals that yes people are stupid.
Apples built a reputation to the point where if kids hear a new Apple product (mainly an iDevice) they act like zombies and say "mmmm.... Aaaapppllleeesss" its ridiculous even if one were to reason with them all they would say is "nope its Apple so it must be better than all the rest" then I shake my head and say "have you even used the new iDevice" then the kids turn and walk away while I just smile and say "winning"
Sad... So sad what this country is coming to. 
"nope its Apple so it must be better than all the rest"
Not just kids, +Jason Ramirez. A lot of adults think that way, too. <G>
Because every thing for Disney is only put on apple and then on Nickeldeon they have the ipear shit so all kid see is i this and i that
Oh and you don't see apple sueing nick for that pear shit that because its helping them brain wash kids
Most people have been brain washed by apple they see it on all most every tv show and you know when you see a iphone they all look the same 
lol, use tablets.. ipad u will cost more with apps later..
Once people start putting money on itunes they are stuck or lose the money that is why people that have alot of money on itunes so bad want apple to be cool
That why apple has come out with a new i something every year so people buy the new one and then give the old one to their kids or sell it to some that can't buy the new one
So its just helps them get more people hooked on itunes
Did someone SERIOUSLY post that they would disown their kids if they asked for an Apple product?

There's this thing, it's called taking something too far. I believe this man has done so.

Cannot wait for him to follow up his comment by posting iSheep. 
I love how other people's choices is such a concern to so many of you.
+Donovan Resh much like someones sexual preference or political preference, if your choice doesn't match theirs then you're wrong. At first it was funny that people are that narrow minded but now its become sad
+Keith Stefanec You nailed it. This just goes on to prove that people who buy Apple products just do it for the same reasons that an ignorant kid with low self-esteem does it: Just to be cool. 
Apple has a lot more content to teach children that's why hospitals have iPads for there doctors and nurse!!
isn't this really a testament to Apples marketing team more than anything. Kids don't know any better they just follow trends, that trend was created by us adults, which was placed into our society and embedded into our culture because of Apples marketing team. Don't blame the kids people
I don't blam the kids !! Knowledge is power .. 
Not gonna play partisan, they're all fine products. All I can think of is how I would never have fathomed asking for a present even as expensive as the Nexus 7. How about making kids work for these kind of things? Maybe it'll teach them to value money more.
+Andrew Hawkins Entitlement, that's the bigger issue here as far as I'm concerned, not whether they prefer Apple over everything else but that fact they they expect something like this for xmas every year. I will admit hypocrisy though, I wanted a PlayStation back in the day and that was probably the most expensive Xmas gift I ever got. I'm sure the kids of today will turn out fine but I can only imagine what kids will demand in 20 years time. Haha, suck it kids, the generation after you will be worst
And all I'm trying to do is trade my iPad for a Note 10.1. Kids these days...
I'm a kid and I need the nexus 4,BAD!
I looked at android tablets for my nephews and all reviews were about sucky battery life. Sorry but iPad it will be.
Tires, helmet and battery for my bike. Oh, and maybe a GoPro Hero3 Black Edition. 
+Carlos A. Mtz. Vázquez Peace doesn't sell so well; some games are about winning wars, not keeping peace.
War also has more intensive marketing. When was the last time "it is still peaceful here" made news in telly?

Parents should get / or give Kids attention. Actually spend time with the child(ren) Dad or Mom had a part in creating.

As for me on the top of my wish list Sanity, I've seemed to misplace my sanity, and now I'm looking to get in sanity back. It's not asking for a lot is it. 
beny xu
I want ipad miniiii
Well, on this fine day of giving thanks, #HappyThanksgiving everyone. I'm rocking in a chair, with my son on my lap. Watching a parade on t.v. . Helping him learn more "Rovio, Bad Piggies" on the N7. BTW, a lot like legos, with winning.
My wife is messaging on her SGS3, about today's events to come, with her daughter who will be coming home soon.
And I'm post this all on G+ to you, on my GNex!
A classically traditional modern day family picture.

For Christmas? We hope to be celebrating the birth of, the gifted idea of, Christ a.k.a. Love incarnated in all of us! #HappyHolidays

How are so many people celebrating Christmas, when so many aren't even Christian? Just a thought...
Everybody else when the iPad came out: "The iPad is so stupid. Nobody wants a giant iPhone, right?"

Everybody else, two-and-a-half years later: "GIMME GIMME GIMME NOW!"

Told ya, suckers.
AJ to root phone in pot of soil water 3 times a day, plant food mix optional. Wait to see results in weeks time. Ha! Ha! Ha! Just kidding this post need some laughs no stree out people.
AM I was a kid once. When I needed something I worked for it at $.69 an hour laboring in sun picking pineapples, 1960s.
Kids seem to want what isn't needed first, then what is nessasities in life. But then again even adults do same thing. So there is a little kid left in us all no matter the age. So Aalok how bad do you need it? Nothing is free in this world. Have a good Thanksgiveing with family
, be thankful for (any one of a 100 things) in life.
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