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Possible replacements for Speaker Boehner are mostly tech-friendly -
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Don't know who the ones on the right are but those two on the left.... smh!
NOT Ryan, he just voted for the tax increase!!!!!!!!!!!
+Matt Phillips , you are my hero for reminding me about Frisky Dingo. Thank you. Take that you bum smacking republican!
Selfish GREED is one of the factors destroying this country and these represent another nail in the coffin.
Damn am gonna have to delete my Facebook Page this ZuckerBird is a Tea Party member can't be supporting his lame ass any more.
Tech-friendly ain't people-friendly. Cantor's a bigger hack than that schmuck Boehner.
+Alan Giorgi I see a lot of pants out there, ladies... Maybe that's why god is giving you all so much breast and ovarian cancer!
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