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It's not another card. It's one less card to carry if you install the app on your phone, right?
Actually it should be the only payment card you need to carry, right? ;) 
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Is this the end then?...My good time friend...the end
Yep. I'll be getting one.
Yeah +Roger Pike and +Terry Cameron,  I believe you will load your other cards information onto the app and you will have the ability to select which card the Google Wallet Card will use when you swipe it.
+Roger Pike yea. You're right. Google's card will allow us to carry just one card. Makes things so much simpler 
Still don't understand why this isn't available on VZW Galaxy S3.
I don't think you understand the premise. This is suppose to be the ONLY card you carry.
+Luis Lauranzon You do know that by having you CC info in the Play Store, it's already in your Google Wallet right?

Where I can use NFC, the experience is nice. Granted I haven't really used any of the other stuff in Google Wallet (coupons, loyalty cards, etc), but the ability to pay by tapping is very cool, and always gets the attention of those behind the counter (usually "What phone is that?" or "How can I get my phone to do that?").

I think the card is meant to be used in places where NFC isn't available.
Except this card lets you remove the other cards.   I probably will pending specifics! 
I love the idea of a physical card. With just the phone, I would have needed to carry around all my credit cards as well in case my phone died (batteries don't last forever). With the Google Wallet Card, if my phone dies, I can still pay using the physical card and it will charge whatever card I have on file.
+Luis Lauranzon it's still there. The card will be for people with Phones that don't have NFC or for merchants that don't yet have tap to pay available. Helps increase the popularity and circumvent companies like Verizon from imposinbg artificial walls so they can block competition to isis.
This could help my back if I can remove a stack of other cards from physical wallet. Google is awesome! What you got Apple? 
+David Pesce Verizon is backing Isis (a competitor) so in typical Big Dread fashion, they block the service people ACTUALLY want to use so they have to settle for their service.
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