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Android. Attention. Maybe Facebook really is where the cool kids hang out. :)
10 million new users in 10 days, 1 Billion from Facebook... and I still don't get the point of it. Starting to think I might be yelling at kids to get off of my lawn soon...
I wonder how many people will stop using it once they start heavily advertising on it.
I'm not a kewl kid. That explains why I don't use Instagram or FB.
Thank goodness.
There obviously aren't quite as many people leaving Instagram as Mashable would have us believe.
So Instagram doesn't work with ICS? I get an incompability error
even after the facebook hijacking announcement pretty impressive..
Ron Ng
Wonder what percent were Android downloads?
I like Photoshop, it allows me to add thousands of different filters and my personal data stays out of Zucks hands.
+Maria John don't worry about facebook, if you use the app on your phone that i gave you, you can share anything to google+ with no problems.
instagram: myspace glitter for the new generation
it's really crazy as app is useless
What is that? Some kinda camera thingiemajiger?
FS Rain
I think that google+ is more than enough to share phoros, thoughts and anything digitally possible already..
That's insane! Didn't know there was that many hipsters in the world =P
i LOVE instagram!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol my username is em904dancer (FOLLOW ME) :)
My valuation of Instagram: $10 million. That's being generous. Facebook could have recreated that app and functionality at a cost of less than 5 million easily. So why the 100 TIMES overvaluation. This bizarre move by Zuckerberg makes me think there's no way I'd invest in shares of his company. If he's going to make more dipshit moves like this one.
It is now apparent that Kodak wouldn't be going out of business if they just made their digital cameras take pictures like it's the 70's.
Not surprised as it led the global news reports pushing off such annoying news as the 2012 elections.
Installed it on MyTouch4G, deleted it, reinstalled it. Growing weary of it again & going back to Flickr. More a community there.
so that's why Facebook bought Instagram for $1 billion. Do we really love photos that much? Or it's a sign of the forthcoming technology bubble.
(Facebook thanks all of you loyal Android users for the phenomenal success....)
Deleted this soon as I heard facebook bought it.
I still think it's funny how the app became available for us Android users just days before the #Instagram takeover.
I have it and it's okay. But it's not really worth the big hype. It's a small social photography app. Not really a big deal, but I know since FB bought it up it's about to explode. 
Or has exploded enough... But hey, it's an app... which I can't get on Blackberry!
Almost deleted it after I heard Facebook bought it but I realized it doesn't matter because I only use it to view pictures, not to share them. Lightbox is better for that.
i prefer Pixlr-O-Matic....
Fb huh.....there went the neighborhood....deleting
I like the availability to choose.
^Agreed. There are a ton of great photo sharing apps out there.
I've seen an increase in spam follower since they released the app to #android phones.
Instagram doesn't have the best filters or photo editing features. They know that, that's why you find them recommending a few other editing apps on their blog. Initially I was disappointed in instagram when I first installed it, but then its simplicity and network richness became a draw for me. I found myself wanting to take more pictures with it. I didn't want to post my pictures up every time and "pollute" peoples streams. But instagram provided a way to allow for people who want to see my pictures see my pictures. It kinda made me feel less guilty taking random pictures. I guess fb thought instagram had a strong enough branding and following that its worth $1B. Those are pretty priceless attributes, just look at twitter. The question now becomes "how are they going to monetise it"?
Is it worth installing?...this app doesn't really make a whole lot of sense to me.
+Robin J Phillips so what are you doing on Google+? In a rational world no one would pay attention to Instagram because someone like Google or Apple could just build photo filters into the standard camera app and they would be out of business in a year or two. But because of the current reality distortion zone anything goes, be prepared for more crazy acquisitions, then the return of and the sock puppet.
Not surprised. Everyone was worried the FB buyout would kill IG, but instead, it generated interest far more than it turned anybody off.
I hope it crashes and burns! Screw andy app that supports Twitter!
Camera360 FTW. I haven't found a better photo app.
Would anyone like to guess what percentage of those 10 million new users are already Facebook uses though? I would think 90% would be conservative, maybe 95% or even higher? And how many would actually leave Facebook because there is a new picture sharing social network? And how do you even do a decent job placing ads around photos anyway? So is Facebook paying $1B for an app that could be reproduced with a man-year or so of engineering time, or paying for a few tens of millions of users that it already owns? Either way it doesn't make any sense (just like the Chewbacca defense).
It took me a while to 'get' it, and I still can't see the huge draw, but the community participation in instagram is terribly implemented. Essentially the way to go seems to be to use hashtags to get your pictures exposed to others, and to find things and users that interest you. Its actually not terrible in terms of a community, even though the app isn't so hot. I'm really trying to like it, and I'm getting there. Its starting to get fun. Hashtags made all the difference in the world though. I think it was initially just popular because it meant iphone users could easily post to facebook... then after they used it for a while as a crutch to facebook posting, it became fun. Android users don't get that initiation since our phones post easily to facebook in stock form.
+Ryan O'Neill That's a really good point Ryan - so it's popular because Apple hates Facebook and this is an end run around the Twitter/Apple love fest?
Grrr this pissed me off because I have an instagram!!!
So it takes low resolution photos and adds a filter. Cool. That's fucking retarded. Any program can do that. MSPAINT CAN DO THAT... actually mspaint can't do that, but it certainly fucking could, if it wanted to.
Lol @ all those who don't "get" why Instagram is so popular. It's Twitter w/pictures. In fact I guarantee the next major iteration will see Reposts... It is pointless if you're not following anyone, or if nobody is following you. But find someone you love. See what they're lives LOOK like. Kim Kardashian is taking pictures of her feet and shit. Rihanna has some KILLER instagram flicks candid of her blowing smoke out of her face... Cmon' you know people eat that up.
+Dante Orpilla Well in your defense, I think we all lie awake at night wondering about Kim Kardashian's feet. I've always guessed them about an 8.5 but wide.
So it's like Facebook, or Google+, you YouTube with its limitation being shitty iphone photos with a 2 dollar digital filter.
Eul Cam
The power of the #Android
And over the next 10 days maybe they'll have 10 million users that will realize they don't want their pictures to look like old crappy Polaroids?
Most amazing software ever! Once you see your dog in sepia you will never look at life the same way again
Interesting valuation. Based on users?
Now it will never post to Google+ after its latest acquisition!
it is because they made it available for android users....
It's not crazy or surprising. The Android user base is huge. In fact, the number ought to have been higher.
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