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Google Now for Android integrates Rotten Tomatoes reviews, Fandango tickets and Zillow real estate listings. What do you think of Google Now.. now? -
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Cool, but here's a weird thing: though I search a lot for upcoming movies with Google, Google Now had shown me this card only once. 
The same with birthdays by the way: it had shown me a birthday notification only once. Either I do something wrong or there's something wrong with this service in Russia.
.... when they give us national teams for football, rugby union and league I'll be more than fantastic. ....
They have it for the iPad, too. Its called Google When?
...yes please +Peter Doughman .....there's only 5 months to The Ashes.....but Google is predominately American. chances of any game not American has 2 types of hope...non...and Bob..... 
Just got in on the fun with my shiny new Note 2. Liking it. 
I'm on 4.2.2... And I think meh. You can get all that info by using an app. No need for Google to command all your info and data.
....look if you can get Crawley Town as a card you can get national rugby teams.....checking out Harlequins in a sec.....there will be a report back...... you have been warned. ....
Not interested, turned all that shit off. The moment they make it a compulsory part of Android will be the moment I stick with the current version or look elsewhere.
The plus side of choice +Liam Johnson. You'll always be able to opt out, Google are not Apple :) And one day if they do change their approach, switch to Windows Phone! Choice is good. 

Personally I think Google Now is currently the best feature on any smartphone. It is subtle, smart, accurate, and passive.
You're right, I love the fact I can opt out with Google.. its just no use to me is all. I'm really glad so many people like it though. Google search results are certainly a lot more interesting these days :) 
I guess i will have to ditch imdb for Google now 
Google now is the shiiizzitt take that Apple....u suck
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