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Apple isn't happy, therefore nothing is safe. Enjoy your Jelly Bean(s)! 
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Just a sick declining company crying over spilled beans each time (Apple). 
Well Apple can go and shove their stupid litigation up their collective arses.
Pathetic tactics from a scared company.
All I can think as I read this is "Ya know, Jobs may have been crazy... but at least he wasn't batshit crazy."
ryan drew
Man,Again with Samsung?!,Apple,stop being so Whinny!...,You don't  see Fender or Gibson suing all these other companies cause they have the same bodies for there guitars,do ya?,You're rich arent ya?,then shut up!
Apple fights about the past, lets concentrate on products from the future.
BMW own the MINI brand name. Sue the f#ck out of Apple please!
Dennis Em
Idiocracy at its best. Does Apple actually thinks that once all those JB users find themselves with previous version of Android, they will all suddenly forsake Google for iOS? Mr.Cook and Co ... why don't you take all the $ you pay your attorney and donate to a good cause. You will get much more loyal consumers that way. Appleatics will always stay loyal to Apple. Droids will always stay Droids. This is just waist of ... everything.
The Apple ship will sink to the very bottom of the sea, and it's their fault.
It won't, the flocks of iSheep will continue to buy the over hyped, under performing, over priced iShit range. This makes me happy, noobs need a home. 
They really only have 2 products that make most of their profit .....this makes them very vulnerable. At the moment they are still making bags of money...its not going to last and they know it. 
smacks of desperation, just like the tweener and new ipad months after the other new ipad. Jokers.
damn it, apple. this is why i hate you with a passion. i'm so sick of their bs.
Go Apple! Sue ALL the things! :D
At some point Apple's has got to say "fuck it, lets cut our loses, we've got 100 billion in spare cash lets just invest heavily into R&D for the new iPhone and do what we use to do, innovate"
I hope the judge throws it out of court before it begins.
I'll buy a windows phone before an Iphone,at least the windows phone has a purpose.
It's a sure fire sign that Apple's level of innovation has peaked; if the iPhone 5, iPad 4 & Mini weren't enough.
Apple innovation died with Jobbs!
+Luis Lauranzon Android isn't for everyone and iOS isn't either, which it's why it's good to have choices. These lawsuits from Apple can prevent that from happening, case in point the Galaxy Nexus was banned for a time and prevented Android fans from getting that device.
I love apple to death but this shit has to stop. 
+Luis Lauranzon probably wouldn't like windows phones then i guess, the ones I have tested are pretty solid in terms of performance but the UI takes some time to get use to.
Would you like to see my surprised face? 
I'll see the day when Apple will end up like RIM. Crapple can't handle Samsung innovative phones.. 
nothing really innovative about Samsung phones they're just really good
If Apple spent as much time into making their products better rather than suing people their products might be OK lol
Apple is a bunch of nasty c@#ts. 
Meh let them sue, there scared and worried, there hype machine is slowing down and other companys are just starting to speed up, all companys peak then come back to relailty don't hate people just let the natural cycle happen! Apple has had it's day and it seems apple them selfs know that there day is up!
Apple sucks now, what happened to the innovation Apple. It seem like your more about litigation now days.
Apple can go to hell. Would be happy to see it go down...
Like I Said In A Similar Posting, Apple Is Stupid As Fuck For This. They're Adding JB To A Case Where The Trial Will Take Place In 2014. In 2014, We're Gonna Be On Key Lime Pie (Android 5.0 For The Specials) Or Something Better Like...Whatever Dessert Starts With 'L'. Lol. But Yeah...Apple Is Declining Rapidly, And It Looks Like Their Down To Their Last Resort Tactics. Oh Yeah....#fuckapple
Its too bad corporations spend so much time litigating rather than innovating. Just keep creating and put it in the public domain so it can be refined and progress can continue.
Apple is scared of competition. As their 50 percent revenue comes from selling iPhone and there is no wow factor in iPhone anymore they are scared as sh#t. Apple is going down. 
It's pretty obvious Troll Crunch is rooting for Apple, lol
well what can u expect? this is job's last order before he passed away, not to innovate but to spend apple's every single $ to go thermonuclear war against android.
Shot clock cheesin, 3rd down glitchin, Qb walking, auto fading, hop stepping in the paint, lob city cheating ..Apple be going hard man pullin out all the cheats dam, Apple be glitchen man.
I miss the non-patented techs that compelled competitors to innovate batter products.. It is due to that competition that Android and, though I hate to admit it, the first iphone came into being... With this charade of you sue-I sue, people, that is to say, the consumers face the suffering.. I remember when due to Apple's useless lawsuit, the wonderful Galaxy Nexus was banned from the US.. Not to mention Galaxy Tabs. Back in the days, if you made something good, a couple of months, heck, à week later, your competitors would have something even better! That's how technology progressed so much last decade. Until Apple came along.. Now it's virtually the same.. I admit, Google is trying to do its best at a better software.. And so is Microsoft.. But when I look at the origin of the lawsuits, it appears that they have turned themselves into a law firm rather than an innovative company.. 
Its sad to see that a company that I respected so much embarrasses its self on a the daily.
C'mon Man! They got the freakin' IPod on lock. And that phone thing ain't horrible...not great, but no horrible. Let it go already. I love my Galaxy Nexus and choices. It's what drives innovation. Let It Go!
+Carlos Brown We aren't complaining about innovation or the existence of Apple as a whole.. What we are complaining is what has been keeping innovation at a bay for some time now... With the myriad of lawsuits against minor patents, the innovation level has been at an all time low in the last 10 years.. I, personally don't hate Apple, and welcome a hearty completion but what drives me crazy is when normal consumers like us can't access a decent products simply because it has been banned due to a pending lawsuit. 
You ever hear of Levis suing other jean companies over blue jeans no and you know why because they just move on and that's why you have such endless variety of denim. Let's call it what it is apple is freaking scared so the only way they can slow down the process of innovation is by taking everybody to court and saying they've been copied. They can suck Balls rich as shit and all they do is cry.
I really respected apple before, and now hate it more and more everyday because of this crap. Why not take your time inventing something that'll blow our mind?
Will Apple's douchebaggery never end?  now they are going after all of Android?  not only has IOS ossified, but now that Android has evolved into the single most advanced mobile operating system, rather than improve their product, their are trying to sue all competition out of the market.  WTF apple?
+Gabriel Walsh true. I dont know, but competition will make both corporation to put most effort on their research, invent new product, lower the price of old gadget, and? profit for us. All of Apple fanboy must help google this time to prevent apple win. So, apple will still have competitors, and the price won't go skyrocket. lol

*sorry for grammar
What pisses me off is how Apple made such a big deal about saying that other companies shouldn't copy their products.  Ok Early versions of android shared a number of similarities with Apple.  so Google Does exactly what Apple is complaining about and massively overhaul's Android, to the point of giving it unique features and a truly unique look and feel.  in the mean time, apple "borrows some of Android's features and does little to otherwise advance IOS.  Now they are mad that Google has the better product and market adoption for android is actually accelerating, so rather than improve their products they respond by suing.  Oy!
Lol yeah! about that copy thing. I'm thinking that it's just like some brand shoes A sues brand shoes B, telling that they should'nt make shoes B product have a shape that similar to A (but why?? shoes are always like that, if you change the shape it will become a sandals, lol). So yeah, it's pathetic.
+Sushant Thapaliya I agree, wholeheartedly. I'm just tired of it all. Moral of my story: If it's a good product that I think I can use to make me more lazy, I may buy it.
Soon we will start hearing news reports that silicon valley has turned into a scene of the walking Dead because apple inc started cannibalizing its competition.
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