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Mophie’s iPhone 5 battery case, the Juice Pack Helium, is now available for $79.95. Think you'll get one? -
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An extra battery? Why? Shouldn't the battery last? (I never had an iPhone so I've never faced this)
No. Won't fit my android phone. ;)
Why would you buy Apple's thinnest and lightest phone and then turn it into a small Veyron in your pocket?  
I had one if these for my iPhone 4S and it worked great!
+Anthony Vallejo Android Phones also has a lot of accessories if you will look online. Battery? Yes. Docks? Yes. Remotely control lights of your apartments? Yes. Wireless charging? Yes. NFC compatible devices? Yes. You might not need these features now. But iFans will need it when Apple will give it to them and it will be good enough for iFans to switch too. Android phones use standard tech, like micro usb. Then stuff comes out for it, its no miracle or news because its standard. But iPhone has a non replaceable battery, so when people care about such trivial news like extended battery. When a new dock arrives for the new "revolutionary" lightening cable was made by apple to screw over Apple loyalist, there was no accessory for it. So when companies made accessories for it, people noticed. Also I find iPhone accessories are usually over priced (read above comments of iPhone owners) and not universally compatible with all my devices. So I will rather buy a dock which will work with all my devices, now and in near future rather than buying a dock that works with one of my devices. 
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