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Bill Gates, ever the company man, does a Reddit AMA, claims “Bing is the better product at this point” -
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Sorry, but my first thought: still without a comb. 
Miss the old Gates days at Microsoft. 
Bing is better!? Didn't they test that once? I wonder what happened...
If you would never use Bing (or tried and hated it), +1 my post
I use Bing on my Xbox 360 w/ Kinect. BOOM. ;)
Bill gates is by far the coolest nerd to ever live. That genius single handedly has done more with his life than most countries. 
Is this not America? What do you expect him to say anyway.
Note: +1ing the picture, not the statement by Bill.
Oh, this guy became an old man. It has been over a decade since I last saw his picture
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