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After a few days of use, the Google Nexus 4 proves a very strong LTE smartphone -
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I thought LG and Google said that they weren't going to support it. Damn shame though. I wish AT&T used band 4 LTE :(
Joe LB
I have a S2, my next one will be a Nexus :D
Ok now I want one even more. I'm on Fido in Canada. LTE will work for me !
+Adrian Lopez AT&T only has a network on band 17 right now. They had plans for an LTE network on the AWS band, but it sounds like they're trying to buy up spectrum in the 2000 MHz (IIRC) band to expand their network since TMoUS and Metro own a substantial portion of the AWS band in most markets.
Wouldn't matter if you had the money or not. I have had the money since it launched and stayed up all night but thanks to Google. I still don't have a phone on order. 
Sell something you already own the phone is so cheap its basically a no brainer purchase. 
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