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Dreaded auto-play video ads could be coming to Facebook, CMO confirms -
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Stephen L
Probably marginally less annoying than the user-provided content on Facebook.
Gee, great. FB already fills my mobile screen with unwanted and poorly targeted ads already...
Good thing I use Google+ more than Facebook.... Fuck 'em.
Thank God I closed my Lamebook account last fall...
Every new feature I see adds absolutely no value to the end user. I am down to checking it about once every few weeks.  When I do I usually regret it. 
Another good reason to completely migrate to Google+
"Hold on, I'm trying to like my old roommate's pictures from his cat's birthday!"
Already had a pop-up notification (just text) from ESPN while using my graph search today.
If so I out the door as well. Very easy to move onto something else.
I hope that is true as it really could make people finally leave FB and come to G+. :)
That will irritate me. The only reason I still stay on FB is for the updates from family.
The FB people deserve it  :)
another nail in facebook's coffin.
WAIT!!! FB please don't scare people off because I really like G+ right now.
I wouldn't be surprised if you could block all those ads with the add-ons AdBlock Plus... and... Ghostery... So far so good with those 2 that block all ads in any videos (youtube and otherwise) and txt ads on any page I surf... plus, it blocks trackers ;)
The majority of us go to Facebook to try to escape the constant bombardment of commercials and advertisements all over the place. Luckily, with extensions like Adblock, we can make annoying ads disappear. I just hope Adblock will evolve to include pop-up spam advertisements too. All the advertisements on YouTube make it nearly intolerable to listen to a play list... Mute mute mute! And as result, I use Youtube less.. And now Facebook is going to get worse with advertisements. FML it sucks. 
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