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How a teacher turned to technology to solve a thorny problem and raised $100K -
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Cool! Now if only we can get teachers out of the compulsory schooling system and into homes with a broader and more effective teaching mechanism and system, via internet/vocational/individual integration.
+Steven Law look up Metro high school in Columbus Ohio.  When my daughter's school is closed due to whether then they have a work from home day via the internet.  Hence she never misses a day of school.
+James Besaw
It's a start. I'm still against state controlled compulsory schooling.
The linked article also stops after stating that the teacher's app solved a problem, but was it a kind of optic reader which graded the tests, or did it just upload a video instead of him recording the results in a database?
+Hurol Aslan

It graded tests and kept an aggregate file of the results and of the tests themselves into a database, whatever type the school is using, from what I remember of the video.
Just signed up for the beta! Looking forward to potentially using this in my classroom.
I don't understand. Optic readers that store data already exist. Is the "solution" that it can be done with a phone? 
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