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Good news, everyone. There's one less iOS app scammer in the world.
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Good to hear the world is now safer in 2013 :)
isn't installous basically the only way to get pirate apps? 
Wow, before I switched to Android I used installous all the time, going back to the early days of the iPhone 3. Of course I only used it to download free apps and not paid apps. Well, they had a good run. 
Thats good news for iphone, if u want free app use Android
+Pasha Pamungkas That's a stupid comment.  There are good paid and free apps for both platforms.  Shutting down piracy is good for developers period.
Piracy doesn't end or decline just because one door closes; 10 more open op and take its place. Blogging about it only serves as an invitation to even more people to help distribute pirated apps; it's like a job posting. What this article essentially reads to quite a few people: "Redistribute paid apps and make money from ads! Huge opportunity; competitor down."
I'm convinced that once a new iPhone comes out, Apple presses a button that instantly slows down the older models so you have to buy the new one. My sister's 4s, my roommates 4s, and my Mom's 4s all got freakishly and unacceptably slow at the beginning on November. And a few friends expressed similar problems.
That's just because you got used to the 5's fast processor so when you go back to the 4S it seems slower 
How do you tag someone in a comment as to reply to them? Sorry I'm new to G+
+Taylor DuBose Not necessarily, although I'm thoroughly convinced that +Rusty Shackleford is reporting perception bias.  My dad's 4S has always run slow, but plenty of people I know with 4/4S units are going quite happily with their handsets.

+Taylor DuBose Type in a + and then the name of the person you're trying to tag.  +T is enough to get your name in the suggestions box for me.
Totally read the post in Hubert Farnsworth's voice
beny xu
Please pardon my country man fellow +Pasha Pamungkas . He never bought an Android paid app.
Not justifying anything, but I bought a good amount of apps because of Installous
+Henree Garcia That has less to do with piracy and more with Apple's refusal to grant trial periods.  Bought a lot more apps on Android because of the 15 minute return window (screenshots afterall aren't everything).
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