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In one word, to me the Microsoft Surface is ________.
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Is... For me no nexus 10 .
A good step in the right direction but still not enough
a repackaging of hardware that already failed 10 years ago, with unintuitive warmed-over touchscreen software copied from the smartphone industry.
A wasted space
(you can only use 16 GB in a 32 GB Microsoft Surface...)
an interesting trail not well executed. (This wasn't exactly one word)
Another  tool ,in the tech world, design to confine our ability to see the complete web. www means world wide web. When will we be aloowed to have it in a device?
would operate great with android os?!
"The final nail in the coffin" . Too many words, ha.
... a strange, although hypnotic, mutant :P 
Ugly!! In a world accustomed to Apple's beautiful designs I think it can't compete with them
but in real sense, it's way better than the ipad.
I guess you'd have to say it's a Microsoft product. In other words, it's useless until Service Pack 3...
Metro! (but only in the "I'm a guy who gets mani/pedis and has thirty pairs of shoes but I don't like guys" sorta way.)

I know, I know. Microsoft wants us to stop using that term when referring to their UI. After all, "Metro" has come to mean: only looks gay and Microsoft doesn't want anyone to think Windows 8 "only looks gay."
Rob M
+Kyler Ouellet that's only because it doesn't have as many apps as the ipad. Other wise, I think the surface makes a better and more functional tablet 
Another disappointment like Zune.

When it comes to electronics though, I prefer to buy a product rather than a promise. So until it proves itself my bet is on N10.
British food - as in "doesn't look too bad at first glance until you try it..."
something that requires that $1.5B marketing money
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