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Lol at the comment "Quaker should sue them both for not actually selling oatmeal."
Can't wait to see how he turns it against them. He usually does a spectacular job!
Actually this time, I think there's a valid case.   It comes down at least in part to how distributed Oatmeal Studios is.   There may be a regional ban on selling Inman's cards where Oatmeal Studios sells theirs.  
I would have to agree with you +Deanna Stanley I could easily jump to the conclusion that they are the same entity.

Edit: I would hope that a "cease and desist" letter would have been sent before a suit was brought.
+Matthew Inman should bill them for all the free publicity he's giving them. I don't see how this is doing their business any harm.
How does the headline term "Obscure Greeting Card Manufacturer" square with the phrase "a card manufacturer famous for their Spenser's Gifts..."?
They have a good case for being in that business long enough with that name. However, you can't expect someone to know about them :-) Especially with a common name like 'Oatmeal'. I think the obscure cardmaker is better off with a deal with a well known name maker...
+Jason Stewart sorry, I had abbreviated a statement in the article. Didn't mean to imply that. Edit: My point was the headline was contradictory to the text in the article body.
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