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Instagram says it will exist "independent" from Facebook for a long time. Good news?
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Erik H.
Anything that's "independent" from Facebook is good news.
just deleted my instagram account.
really? so wheres the support for google+ ?..... Thats what i thought
after 20 years finally cellphones have great cameras, and i have to spend my time filtering them with blurs and fake dimming just to make them cooler? wtf is the point of that.....
+Luca Piccardi :  You stole my thunder.  Why would anyone want to make their photos look bad on purpose?  It's like spray painting a mustache on the Mona Lisa and calling it "cool".
Total BS, their removal of Twitter cards support was definitely a decision handed down from Facebook.
and in the mean time, Google+ continues to do a better job than both with minimal drama.
of course until FB learns how you operate.. 
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