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Im an IT student and i'm in college. this is unfair...
+Vhenz Ballesteros: better understanding of technology will only be for the good. It also means that lazy developers will lose their jobs to a high school student that can do it better and cheaper on their school holiday. Less crap on the market and lower prices for simple products.
Always be on the tip of your toes and stay sharp! :-)
+oddbit  no i mean, why is it not in my HS days :(
lol, so unfair. im not against it i just envy those soon too be little programmers :))
Think my job security just flew out the window.. lol
And yet like any other taught class in high school 99 % will not care. Big waste of money and resources. 
I know a good number of kids that would not only care, but would love to get involved with a program like this.
While I think that coding is great, and a wonderful skill, it's definitely not for everyone! It should be optional, in my opinion.
+Vhenz Ballesteros I relate to what you are saying. It's like they are getting to stand on the shoulders of giants. On the other hand, we stood on the shoulders of giants because we actually have a computer science program. Imagine the pioneers of the field that had no such advantages.
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