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We are giving away a Nexus 4 AND a Nexus 10 for Christmas. Make sure to enter. Merry Christmas everyone! -
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Asher Wood

Don't post something on Google+ that you can't even do on Google+!
I want that phone.... but I think I'll buy it. I never hear of anyone winning these contests, its all about shares +1's and adding to circles... sigh.
Someone offers free stuff to you. Complain about how they want to distribute it.

Seems about right. =/
can't do to G+ page?  oh
Dude no, G+ better than Facebook!!
What's the point of posting here if you want a facebook like?? A lot of people are not on FB and more are leaving every day.
Anyone else note the time on the nexus 4?
TechCrunch: is circled in almost 1 million G+ profiles, creates a contest that requires you to have a Facebook account with a page with 535k likes. Makes sense...
Anyone else note the time on the nexus 4?
Good more chances for me to win the phone. Keep on bitching away here.
+Steve Ruge thanks no u may leave while we try to make a change while you look at your 30 different social networks so you win something with 10 fake accounts
+David Romeyn people will complain about everything. If you don't want to use Facebook or something well then you can't enter this contest lol no need being bitter. People these days.... 
Joe Shark
+Chris Koch lol not being bitter, find it funny that they post a contest to G+ but exclude it as means of entering??? They include Facebook & twitter, but not here. If G+ isn't a worthy method of getting the word out, then just post it to Facebook :-D 
Am I the only one that thinks it isn't right to offer a Facebook contest on Google+?
+Nehemiah George agreed, it is little bit weird! I have no problem with Facebook, but I am wondering why they did not offer a Google+ option too (especially when they post the contest here on Google+)?
+DC Menzel yes I agree with you. Its like, don't use Google+ as a platform to offer your products on contests on for Facebook or any bother social media. Facebook doesn't have contests featured to be offered on Google+, so why do it here +TechCrunch ???
This suck. Why can't we use Google+ to enter this contest. I would love the chance to win a nexus 4. I guess those without a Facebook account really don't matter
My work is is providing me a Nexus.   But my wife could use one at home. Looking forward to working with Google Now.
I loved most about Christmas...  following Santa on Google Santa Tracker...
Here’s how to enter:

1) Become a fan of our TechCrunch Facebook Page:

ONLY for FB user`s . . :(
Would go great with my new Nexus 7...
If you have a Microsoft account, you can log in and post on the article using it!
+Nate Swanner actually they weren't gonna sell your pics but of course you most likely were one who failed to actually understand what was going on. I don't agree with fb but the out cry was overrated
+TechCrunch I'm not going to complain like everyone else here, but I have a question. I like the Facebook page and I retweeted the post, but how are you going to connect the two so that it qualifies as an entry to me? 
I hope I win!  I've pretty much given up hope on the Nexus 4 I ordered from Google weeks ago.  
Suckit TechCrunch. Keep your facebook contests on facebook. G+ or gtfo! 
+TechCrunch just lost some credibility with me, as a direct result of poor marketing (and I would consider FIRING your marketing manager) - how many Geeple DON'T use facebook?  ME, for one, and since I don't, and the only way to win is via a facebook LIKE (which, by the way, are for SALE, in bulk), well, you see where this is going.  

<UNCIRCLED> for #jackassery .  *HAPPY FESTIVUS*
Fail!!!!!!!!G+ its way better...i dont have fb!
oops, I almost forgot +TechCrunch - FLAGGED AS SPAM.  Reconsider your employment choices vis a vis your marketing department...
even a Nexus 4 isn't enough to get me to go back to Facebook.
Isaac S
I only use google+
I guess I'm not able to psrticipate :(
Google+ users hate Facebook and Apple in a way make me hates Google+
Come on! Why post this on g+ when you have to use Facebook to enter?! I don't have Fakebook, quit it long time ago so I'm tired of these contests where you have to use Fakebook to enter. At least, please have the option to use g+ or your email account to enter! 
I agree. Just cross-platform to G+ but requiring FB is disingenuous and just wrong! FAIL
Can't think of a better reason not to bother
Man people bitching, they aren't gonna change it. You don't have a Facebook, then dont even waste time whining 
Goes right along with a terrible parent...
+Chris Koch That's nice - even if it makes no sense whichever way you read it. Thank you for your post anyway. Complements of the season to you.
Oooops, by accident I appear to have joined a Facebook/Google+ war on this post. Actually the point I was making was that I really don't want a Samsung (or any droid).
If it is Facebook only what is the point on posting it on G+?
I would to have that phone it is my life line please can I have it
Why on Earth would you post a contest to Google+ that requires liking your Facebook page?  Wow, talk about not knowing your target audience.
Just wanted to point out that this contest actually violates the Facebook contest rules
"You must not use Facebook features or functionality as a promotion’s registration or entry mechanism. For example, the act of liking a Page...."
Im not for this believe its a scam
When Christmas comes, I love a ball
The lights, the music, atmosphere of all.
A Nexus 10 would be divine.
A 4 and 7, already mine.

A second 4 would be just great,
To offer to partner upon a plate
However I feel, he would decline
When if I won, people would whine.

I wish just 10, it could be his
This is a draw, most not a quiz
Please keep the 4, we will not greed
I wish it so, this would be his need.

With fingers crossed, and stylus ready
I need to keep his thoughts so very steady
A Nexus 10 we will pray for at chapel
For we are both certain,
Its not made by Apple
So stupid. Don't even bother posing this crap here if you expect people to go "like" you on Facebook. Stop wasting our time.
Not using social media is doing yourself a huge disservice. That being said, fuck Facebook. 
Gah! Posting a facebook add on G+!
So you want me to enter a contest that doesn't even take place on this social network. Fail. 
Hey merry xmas to every one nd God Bless you All, may this xmas bring you joy, love, peace, kindness nd etc, Feliz Navidad y que Dios Los Bendiga y quite en estas Navidades Les traiga paz, Amor,alegria y el saber perdonar y aprender hacer una mejor persona a todos.
I never win anything but I would love that sexy pair of nexus... nexuses.... nexi...... whatever! I have been dying for a tablet but I just don't have the extra cash to shell out for one.
That's how sad Facebook is... organizations have to actually farm out people to follow their pages.

Unless you've managed to automate cross platform sharing, stop wasting time on social marketing. It's a farce that will disapear in a couple years.
Cant do on Google+ ? Seriously? Not following techcrunch anymore
Google should boot Techcrunch off the google+ 😜
+TechCrunch consider yourself uncircled. Insult the tech enthusiasts with a misguided redirect to apple and M$ nerd fest and you get served this shake rage across the bow..thhhruuump!

Nav Gi
I am wondering how they manage to get hold of nexus 4 
gary f
Facebook is back to back adverts, forget it.
How about G+ let us give - 1s to posts like these?? It would be innovative, eh! I want freedom! :-)
I was about to enter until I noticed I had to be on Facebook, then I decided to buy it.
Hey a cross post! Anyone still on Facebook?
I don't think they have winners on these contests 
+TC, Can you post it in here if ever there's a winner in this contest? So that everybody will become happy? anyway, Merry Christmas everyone!
Yep, -the Facebook part is a bigtime fail here!
Google+ is full of sick people :)
Merry Xmas!
Entered :)
lol, keep it as bright as you can :)
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