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Uh. Pretty sure that's a bug and not a feature.
A Pennsylvania voting machine has been removed after it was found turning votes for President Obama into a vote for Romney. Internet user, centralpavote, recorded the malfunction on his smartphone and...
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Wonder how many machines have similar problems.
If u ask romny he would say its a feature...
For Mitt Romney, it's a definite feature. The question now is whether or not it was a pre-installed feature via a software "emergency patch". 
apparently this is a bipartisan problem. But it does give a nice snapshot of who whatever company leans for. :P
Hmm...can this really be occurring?
Thank god we're still voting the old-fashioned way in Canada!
This is very troubling...I mean...cell phones arent allowed in the voting did he get it in there and record???  Or is there a bigger issue i'm missing?
+Chris Self I haven't heard of any restrictions on cell phones, I used mine to remember everyone I was going to vote for.
Funny this same thing has been going on in Co and OH for days but in reverse and you said nothing. 
+Chris Self No-one said to me about Cell Phones either. Had mine with me. Took some pictures of the line outside the polling place, and in the hall, but not inside the polling room.
+Steve Dale got a video as well to back that up?  Not saying you are full of shit, but I have not seen any story independent or otherwise that the same has been happening only in reverse in those states.  If it is please share so it gets the exposure it should as well.
Your video is bunk. It's a bunch of Republicans saying that the machines are cheating, without showing that the machines are cheating.

I saw the guy tapping on the screen with no effect, so obviously the system's having at least that issue. But to extrapolate this video to proof of vote-switching is simply unintelligent.
+Joe Naylor +Steven Watson Really?  Not fair!  In VA the room had signs everywhere.  I even took mine out stealth like and still got spotted.  Got called out a good 5 min after I had it away in my pocket...first time i've ever been called out when the phone wasn't even visable... creepers
Woops the hack was caught on that one.


Years ago now the vulnerabilities in the machines were outlined that it would literally take about 3 min per machine to install patches that would cause all kinds of trouble.

Otherwise voting software really is just a data base. If its changing any input data, its highly unlikely to be an ERROR.

So, Pennsylvania, and every other state with Voting machines. How soon before you putzes figure out of any other machines are also infected, or is the plan to pretend this was isolated?
Thank you +Matt Arenson , not sure how the hell I missed this on Reddit, but like +Craig Brunetti said it just isn't the same as  the other video, people talking about it and seeing it in action are very different. 

Can we stop with all the partisan horse shit please, the point is it is wrong period, no matter the political party and should be investigated either way, barring that the video turns out to be fake.  Buggy machines I can understand as they are coded by man, we are not infallible, but if it turns out to be happening a lot there is obviously cause for investigation as to why.

I am not a huge fan of CNN but David Frum had a good article on how differently and badly our voting system is
+Chris Self No. Virginia here...I don't remember seeing any signs that said anything about cell phones. Just to be sure, I checked both and my local and my local official voting website and didn't see anything about no cell phones. The closest thing I came across was rules that media needs to stay outside the 40 foot prohibited zone for any interviews and can only film or photograph inside the prohibited zone in ways that do not impede election officials or voters, and do not disclose how people are voting.

Your local precient may have it's own additional rules, not sure how that works.
For a nation allegedly interested in spreading democracy, the U.S. model sure has a 3rd world feel to it. 
just saw on the news that in florida they'd sent out thousands of absentee ballets. because there was a block left off of the ballet the election workers are 'rewritting' ALL the voters ballets onto the 'new' ballets so they can run them through the voting machines. just think how many of those ballets that are being changed to suit the election workers!!!!!! this election is rigged!!
+Steven Watson Hm, weird.  I voted on Saturday, but they did say the same no cell rules would apply today.  I thought it was ridiculous that we couldn't use them for last minute research on the candidates. or to dig deeper into the constitution/budget questions they word as difficult as possible to understand :p
+natalie williams a worker cannot impart their own opinions. This would be huge. However if all the workers were say instructed to do so as part of a big fix, then no one would ever know, say for one of them decided to leak it.
+Daniel Benskin Thanks for the links I reviewed both and the source. This was perhaps malicious intent, and it was also perhaps consequences of cheep crap for hardware, maybe even a putz for a programer. Also this is what they get for using this style of code that requires the press able area be defined like hot spots on a web graphic. That is I can draw a caricature of Romney and Obama then post the picture to my website, and use dream weaver to outline their distorted faces, then hot link those areas to their respective websites. Are these idiots using web tools to design the interface?

Anyway, there was a great program on Mac OS 7, 8, and 9, called Hyper Card. It was a great simple application. What was best is that buttons were the default script-able tool. I used the application to create an interactive atomic table. But unlike the garbage on these voting machines, it was quite impossible to accidentally click on another button. Plus once a saved copy of the master document had been edited and finalized, you could export a compiled live application that could not be edited. Perfect for a simple voting machine! :)
This malfunction is clearly another way of cheating, whether done intentionally and unintentionally. Is Mitt Romney really that desperate to win? Why won't he let the people of America decide who they really want as president?

This is much like the elections here in the Philippines.
+Raymond Lulling I think there's much more certainty that these news stories are being used maliciously by both sides than that the actual events were deliberately contrived by anyone on either side.
And what if this all happened, literally because they used cheep crap and hired a moron for a developer?
Romney is desperate for a win thats why they will do whatever they can to win this election.
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