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That hurts.But others got away with it, for a while at least.
Ahh its a white collar crime he'll be out in no time sarcasm
Must be tough getting up this morning, if you were David Miller of Rochdale Securities. I wonder how many times in the past he has successfully pulled of this type of deal.
Lol, apple fanboy. Idiot really, AAPL has been losing since the release of iPhone 5
AAPL will drop to $360, just give it time.
360 might be a bit low :)
On the other hand, if they fail to create a new and innovative product that will be able  to generate hype 360$ could be right. 
Don't gamble with someone else's money and don't bet on apple.
LOL @"he claims that he intended to buy only 1,625 shares, but that multiples of the same order somehow went through resulting in the much larger 1.625 million share purchase." Somehow huh??? Sure, blame technology...
Ryan Ng
That has got to hurt...
Greed is not always good.
Ko Zaw
I want that money ?? Hehheheh
If you're going to go to prison, go big!
When will the world wake up and realize these douchebags cant be trusted with half a pack of skittles let alone billions of other peoples dollars....
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