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AOL to pay a $1,056 bonus to all employees to celebrate $1.056 billion patent sale -
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You have money instead of mail.
Thats better than a $10.56 bonus
Yeah, but they still work for AOL.
I read a book about trademark law as a good leisure read last year, and I recently finished it. AOL had some epic fails so epic that they appeared in the "common begginers mistakes" chapter. AOL tried to claim ownership to the phrase "You've got mail." It was too generic. Pretty boring stuff actually. 
+Suttida Yang They are that company from the 1990's that manufactured those free one month trial floppies and cds that everyone hated. I forgot what else they did
River S
good company, loving its employees.
That guy who thought he was hot shit for leaving AOL's Engadget for the Verge must be twisting in his desk chair w/ anger 
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