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After teasing its touch-friendly future, Canonical officially reveals the Ubuntu Phone OS -
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I can certainly agree with this point: Here’s hoping it works out — I can’t help but feel that the Ubuntu approach is too interesting for people to ignore completely.
swap reveals with releases, then I'll actually care. 
Niiiice. Here's hoping they'll port it to existing devices instead of trying to compete head to head. Biggest appeal to Ubuntu (for me) is that it's easy from an end user standpoint and i could install it on damn near anything.

If i could flash it to my s3.... I think android might lose a customer...
More choice is good for consumers. Here's hoping they won't be sued into oblivion thanks to our broken patent system.
+Paul Ireland of course you can use it in Android in his note he mentioned clearly that we can run ubuntu mobile on any android kernel. I am not sure on phones with manufacturer's bootloader , if you have it rooted then pretty sure is possible to run ubuntu , cant wait to try on my nexus S to see if it is better.
Another phone I cannot get on +Sprint but refuse to give up the unlimited
+Hans Huether The phone up top is a Galaxy Nexus, and unless the phone in my hand is an illusion that can make phone calls, it's doable on Sprint, with very similar kernels to the GSM version.
القديمة جدا شوف ميكروسفت شو تطوير بعدنا بتحكي
Who cares.  Canonical sucks and the only OS that is any good on a phone is Android.
+Paul Ireland completely agree. i don't want to buy an ubuntu phone. I would much rather have the ability to install ubuntu on my existing device. That would be in line with Ubuntu's openness.
+Christopher Lee ahh. With so many damn phones coming out each month I at still stuck with my Evo4G because I dont want to spend a rent check every 6 months just to have a new phone that does the same just faster...heh
Its never going to be what the general public would consider mainstream but i think it will be popular amongst the developers community.
A new shopping lens is a must-have for this phone!
Hmm, Microsoft doesn't seem to make it, Google pumps Canonical's net worth every month into the mobile business.... Besides the "free as free beer" culture will not provide the platform where App developers will waste their time with. Ubuntu LTS for servers, I run several of them, but for desktop it is a fail and extrapolating to mobile make me even more pessimistic
Atul M
Now What!!
mobile linux is cool but as for a ubuntu phone well i dunno. i guess ill have to try it to find out. could be good for experimenting.
Ryan Ng
Wait, it runs on Nexus 4?
no that looks like the galaxy nexus
thats because it is the nexus - Ubuntu runs on Android with little to no modification, and the dev kit for the Nexus is downloadable
Ubuntu is going to be available as a mobile OS in 2014 with some early releases in 2013.. simple really
I'm glad to see they rendered this image with the Galaxy Nexus instead of the Nexus 4. My phone is still relevant!
mobile ubuntu shares a lot of code with Android such as some drivers and the kernel...
G. D.C.
IMO they should make it available to port
over to any existing android or iOS based
phone for free. That way they can gauge the
popularity of this OS and determine if
making a commercial version (such as
Google's Nexus brand) is worth a shot
Trouble is that porting is never a neat and tidy business, the hidden support costs wold be horrendous
Jay A
sounds like a subject in theology, not from technology! 
+Martin Omander but who would sue and why? Unless canonical is incredibly stupid and learned nothing from the apple Samsung lawsuit(s), they won't do anything to anger the big red fruit and I don't see Google making a fuss. I'm pleased about this. I think it's really great that I have the option to install an alternate os on my hardware. Could be good.
Doug M.
It's a personal policy of mine to never buy a phone or operating system that sounds like an African disease.
Seriously Canonical really need to revisit their GA dates or this mobile OS will be DOA, much like Windows Phone 7 in the last two years, (Windows Mobile 8 has recently passed RIM in market share so it wasn't a total wasted effort but that's mostly because RIM didn't have their act together). Right now there's a race for a strong third and if this OS wants to be counted at the starting line then it needs to be available ASAP. There's a storm that's coming...
Check your facts people, maybe actually press link.

You can boot Ubuntu on nexus right now, today! Thats how awesome of a phone it is.
+anton strand Doesn't mean anything.  Development images, or even general releases are not going to get people using the platform.  Ubuntu is going to need hardware partners if they want a toehold in the mobile world, just as a hardware partner would have helped on the desktop.
Nice pitch, but I found it amusing that he kept saying "phone" but unless I missed it, he never showed it actually acting as a phone. Still, it's not clear to me that technology is the biggest seller here. It's ecosystem. Can they compete with iOS and Android?
Acting as a phone is a matter of connecting the audio path from the gsm base band transceiver to the speaker, mic bits. As for ecosystem that can grow, and why are 200k duplicate or worthless apps such a turn on. The device with an android stack can function as an android app device, nothing special there. Apple et al may restrict what you can run but there is no reason this should, ie nodejs ftw.
These phones are nothing in front of the s3 and note2
I think it's funny they make fun of the lock screen and don't have one. I thought lock screen was so you don't make calls with your pocket.
It looks like my HuaWei C8812
Close but no cigar ... Linux already runs on phones .. Google calls it Android 
It looks like for mobile platform, the number of apps for the mobile device is paramount to its success. Any developers want to invest resources to develop for this platform with its market share? Two words "ROI decisions." Think Adobe Air and Linux support.
Looks nice! It does appear to have a lot of swiping motions that are similar to the BB10 that is coming soon. Which doesn't seem to have the same amount of interest as the Ubuntu. 
Here we go yet another sad mobile OS pissing contest...
ubuntu is good, but whats wrong with android? personally, too many options = less development. Stick with android, watch ios dye out = win
This looks nice, but they need to focus on the PC os, I really don't want to be forced to use win8 when microsauce stops support on 7.
i need one of those!!
Ubuntu sets the trend.
+kevin ivory I remember reading (sorry, can't find the article now) that to make a smartphone, you'll need licenses for thousands of patents. If you don't have a large patent portfolio yourself, you have nothing to trade with when it comes to cross-licensing. That is why we don't see any small handset manufacturers.

Having said that, I sincerely hope Canonical can buck the trend. But I'm not very hopeful.
It's there any way to set the OS according to users need? Just like ubuntus desktop edition.
lol Marian Smith just what i was thinking it would be good for. nodejs on the run :p
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