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Google would like you to schedule holiday time with your family using Google+ Hangouts. Think you will? -
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If I had family I wanted to see!
We used hangouts on Thanksgiving and the fam loved it. Christmas is a go. 
I might. I used it to talk to my dad in South America or my family up north.
Given that my mum is spending more and more of her time on G+ and probably knows more about how to use it than I do, this would be a definite 'yes'... Me giving her a Nexus 7 for her birthday this month also makes that a certainty :)
I did this around Thanksgiving. 
+Eric Marin very well. Mom carried her iPad around the house so I could say hi to everyone. 
I tried to last year, but there was no interest from others.
Gotta get FAM on Google + first!
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