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+mike rhoades FULL ACK, at the moment i'm knee-deep in the apple ecosystem, but i change also back to android/google, as soon as i get my nexus 4. Try'd some HTC w8 phones they are really not bad
definitely more innovative than apple ios, but they have still a lot of UX work to do and of course the need a big bunch of good apps too
Well selling 4 million phones a quarter is not going to cut it and I'm sure Nokia knows it. They have played long enough with WP now. How about PureView with android on it to enter into android market?
+Mahesh Bandewar thats right, but they can not stand another startover so the only choice would be android. 
but for me the question still remains, why nokia never try'd both ways.Maybe a reason was Ex-Microsoft employee Stephen Elop.   
+Mahesh Bandewar thats also a possibility.And yes your absolutly right, i have the same opinion about Nokia's HW. 
Its pretty sad but who knows and the microsoft ecosystem becames richer on apps.... honestly i like microsoft approach with w8 on mobiles / gadgets its still not perfect and there is a lot of space for improvements. we will see ...thx for the conversation 
if nokia could have just adapted the android ecosystem ..
The MeegoOS phone (N9) wasn't that bad either. If only they had leant more support for that OS...
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