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Hands-On With Redbox Instant By Verizon: Not Really A Netflix Killer․ But Then, What Is? 
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A netflix killer would easily be Spotify meets movies. A massive database of movies that can be set to 'download' for offline watching, playlists, social, oh... and the database never looses content. (I haven't noticed it yet, but I've always been told that Netflix swaps out content.) Also... anything that doesn't use silverlight.
+Harrison Turley yes Netflix does swap out content. I've added stuff to my Instant Queue and it disappears before I get a chance to watch it.
Yes.  NetFlix does loose content.  They lost quite a bit of content when the Stars deal never renewed.  They also got more content when Disney signed a deal.  They also have odd mixes of content.  Example:  They have all of the TV season of Farscape.  Yet they don't have the Peacekeeper Wars mini-series.  This is old content.  I can't believe there is a great change in the market for it.  
Verizon is dumb about movie rentals. They should reduce he price over time. I believe this would quadruple their rentals and kill Redbox. Why keep a movie at 4.99 forever? Make it 4.99 for the first month of availability, 3.99, for the second, etc. lowest tier would be 0.99. This would be a huge win-win. Except for Redbox. 

Jim Jam
can I use the rentals on kiosk games? 4 rentals of games/month?
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