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Have you downloaded Google's native Maps app for iOS yet? To you, in one word, the app is _________.
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Brad T
Wow, I haven't seen this story on every friggin person's twitter or g+ account today!
But my take: it's "alright."

I'm actually in the minority that likes iOS Maps. Of course, I haven't figured out if Siri can look up locations with Google Maps, so I may change my opinion tomorrow.
Gary Ng
Missing cause its not yet available in Malaysia yet lol..
+John Martinez   "alright"? LOL!! 

The lunar landing was like "meh"
The mars rover landing was like "whatevez" 
Yup!! Sp glad the rumor was true. 
+Beto Aguirre I don't see what the big deal is. If I wanted Google everything, I'd switch to Android. I know, there's a level of hypocrisy typing this into Google+. :-)
And come on...the G Maps is not on the same level as landing on the Moon...
It's better than what we had before on iOS5, when Apple and Google were all kumbaya. I seriously thank Apple for kicking that map out in September! 3 months later we have an all new Apple, Nokia and Google maps app. So who is the winner? Clearly Apple users. Competition is good! Hallelujah!
Would like google search app to open google maps app when clicking a link for directions (it currently just opens a browser to the online Gmaps)
Is pretty damn good, but waze to me is superior!
not life threatening. (heh)
a reason to finally upgrade to ios6. 
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