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Those rumored Google Stores are starting to make a lot of sense -
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will these stores include a garage and show room for the future Google car? :-)
I think they are crts. Is this real the store looks a little shabby. 
Whatever you purchased from this Google Store is put in a brown paper bag so no one can see what you bought on your walk to your car.
Precisely this line: "Average consumers are never going to buy these products online without having tried them first."
I'm intrigued by the possibilites of the Nexus 10; it could be a tremendous boon to my work. But all I have to go by are specs, and other people's reviews, which do not address the concerns and needs that I have.
That's a really insightful article. I hadn't thought of it that way.
As long as it doesn't look anything like that picture, I'm in!
I like the shabby look, at least you know your money was spent on products and not their brand or trying to show up other businesses like the apple store.
I like this idea, maybe Google could be an outlet for shoppers, naturally there would have to be enough demand for the goods and services in the first place.
Since google already has an on-line presence, if there is enough demand for a product then google can be the middle-men between the supplier and customer.
What they selling in there anyways?
the new google glass? I buy those
It would be cool if nothing was for sale there. Only $1500 to borrow it.
A one stop shop for Google Tablets, phones, chromebooks, glass, and possibly even an offering of other Android phones and tablets, I'd imagine. Plus accessories like the wireless chargers.
Then they would have to co global. If you can buy the hardware in a store, they might as well open Google Play for books, music and hardware in my country, (Denmark). Now, you can only get apps. 
I am pumped! Please come to Cincinnati!!!
They keep opening branches everywhere
I like the ideas they mention in the article. Hopefully Google stores will show up soon near me.
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