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I was waiting for them to do this lol Googles own delivery business 
Nope. I already have a PO Box and packages delivered to my home. Why should I want another place for mail delivery. Amazon is starting these delivery points, but the nearest one is 4 miles away, not every convenient. Even my PO Box isn't the most convenient. There are some days we just don't pick up the mail because no one wants to go out (we work from home). Sorry Not Interested.
I've been shipping and receiving packages for both personal and business purposes for over a decade. USPS has been the least flaky of the shipping services I've used. I guess it's cool that Google wants to get in on the PO BOX business, but I'm just not sure that there's much demand for it in the US. Maybe Canada's Postal Service is bad and Google would improve on it, though.
I don't think it would be profitable. People that would go out to the bufferbox would be severely outnumbered by the ones who want it delivered to their home. 
Google does a lot of things that aren't "profitable" as a standalone thing. when you snap everything together...yeah.
I cab see where this could be heading....well plays Google, well played.
It's never been easier to find drinking water! Just go to and search for "drinking water"!
Just one of the many ways that Google quenches your thirst for knowledge (and water.) Try Google Search Today!
there is a similar thing here in Ireland, - I think it's a great idea as it is a total pain making sure someone's at home to receive a parcel
How about a piece of the puzzle to integrate + manage better the deliveries from Google Play Store? Just thinking outside the box here...
 Google can not replace post office. Post office is different than search engine, tablet and internet.
I can see Google setting its sights on Amazon by greatly expanding the Google Play store. This purchase could be part of their effort to start building a better retail and distribution base. 
NO , absolutely! google email is doing its worst in the last times!
Add autonomous vehicles in the story and you get a broader picture!
Hahaha google be an post office?? I think it's imposible
If it makes snail mail cheaper, more convenient, and better...I'm for it. Why not, let Goggle try.
Yeah.. if that's better but,how to send to other state?? The google office over england right??
I think Google has bought enough money-bleeding companies lately aka Motorola!
How is this different from The UPS Store / Mail Boxes Etc. ? I suspect Google has more planned than what is immediately obvious with this acquisition.
The general experience teaches: when someone (or something...) wants to do too much, nothing will be done in the best way.
Google makes plenty of money just of search engine. The acquisition of Motorola was brilliant. The stocks were low enough, they make great hardware and why not have your own hardware to do everything in house. As for Bufferbox, they have autonomous cars now, it could be a specialty service. If Google has shown us anything, its that they do a lot of research before they make a move. I see them being a Global Service provider and Distribution mogol in the years to come. 
Well apparently this BufferBox is only available in Canada for now so it may be a while before we see this service popping up in the States anytime soon.  It's still an awesome concept though and I can't even count how many times I had to go around in circles with the post office just to get my packages when they've tried to deliver and I was at work. 
+Nicholas Townsend I think the Motorola acquisition was a good move for the patents it needed. But, Motorola mobility was/is in bad shape financially, hell they had to halt stock trading of google in the middle of the day because the Motorola loses caused google's stock to fall. They stopped trading, lol it was wild. I'm a business freak so I got a high that day. Google will straighten out Motorola in time.
This is awesome. The last couple of bouts I've had with both UPS and usps ended with me shaking my fist in the air hoping to live to see both of their demises. This deal was clearly manifested from the frustrations customers like myself have had to endure when dealing with these two worthless evils (usps and ups practically own each other). Bravo to Google (and Amazon) for attempting to do something about this. 
Google should operate the Postal Service under contract!
Maybe with this Google will ship their devices faster rather than waiting about 2 months for a (certain) device. Hopefully that's why they bought it.
The USPS is broken because they aren't allowed to be efficient because of their union and the US federal government made them bankrupt by making them pay in advance towards their employees Social Security for a time and then making it "disappear."  Not that having a union is a bad thing as it protects employees from being fired or layed off for no good reason - like employees close to retirement being layed off.  However, the union is restricting towards efficiency.  For example, a carrier might be able to get their route ready in the morning fairly fast and get on the street early, making their day shorter and requiring the office to give them extra work to fill their 8 hours.  However, that would take away from people who have signed up to do this extra "downtime" and the carrier will be intentionally slowed down to compensate for this so that they can finish their route in the time it should take them.  This is just an example I know of from my area.  What really needs to happen is a union makeover.
This kind of service has been offered in Japan for a long time. They utilize convenience stores, a large network of locations already in place.
+Andrew Jolly pointing to just the unions is missing the big picture.  I'm sure unions would be willing to adapt and adjust to the on going changes in order to remain competitive.  Don't forget the main reason why unions were started (to protect the worker). 

If you don't like unions please observe the state of TX and how they do things.  The main thing is that USPS is a dinosaur as is UPS.  They seem to hate change and are acting like Blackberry when the CEO stated that he never even knew what an iphone was let alone ever used one. 

It's obvious they're living in their own bubble feeling nice and protected by the US Government.  That bubble is about to burst from their stubborn ignorance and not even the US Gov will be able to bail them out.  What ever is coming to them is much deserved. 
+Mark Williamson I'm right with you with this one. I believe Google has a bigger vision on all this and it certainly has to do with a seamless experience from Google Play Store to your door...
I like my mail coming to my house...
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