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On Black Friday, discounted boxed smartphones seem to be the equivalent of dry foods in a post-apocalyptic movie. This video, first spotted by the Telegraph, shows customers of a Walmart in Moultr...
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I wonder what were they trying to buy. What was so attractive that made them fight over it!
The zombie apocalypse is here, except the zombies are American consumers.
I wonder why this copy of this crazy & shelfish shopping orgy does not include the Racist comments an earlier version contained?
No wonder why people hate America, this is absolutely disgusting. I guess this is Consumerism at its best. I love my country but this is just terrible. It is amazing that after people spend the day giving thanks for what they have they go out and nearly murder each other to get more "stuff". I wish they would outlaw Black Friday. 
Lol. I wonder how many of these idiots are the same ones crying about the economy being bad?! They have no problem freezing in lines,fighting and acting ignorant over discounted crap. Gotta love America and its priorities.smh
It would be so great if some of the phones were duds right out of yhe box. Go through all that for
crazy people ha ha ha.
I do not know what to think of this. Amazing how stupid people can get.
The only Straight Talk phone I saw advertised in the Wal-Mart ad was an LG Optimus.

Definitely not worth fighting over.
Meanwhile I was sitting at my computer, drinking hot cocoa and buying the same great deals from 
Everyone has own choice so this right
Yet claims to be one of the most Civilized Nations 
And people called George Romero a nutter for using the "zombie" concept as a metaphor for wanton consumerism, pervasive in U.S. popular culture.
Makes you think (& possibly eat your own words/thoughts), doesn't it?
+Errol Jones you'd have enjoyed the Love-Lust series on the Sundance channel when it was on Zombies, Vampires, Werewolves.. that exact point was made! how the popularity of these films shows up in accordance to our economy... a great doc!!
This is crazy. The obvious blame goes to the individuals participating. But I would put more blame squarely on Walmart for letting this happen. They let it happen because all they care about are the sales. The store should not have more people in it then they can handle, and it's obvious things are out of control. This is an accident waiting to happen.
Brain washing n branding minerals from the earth ,owner ship .let s live another day ,
They should use cattle prods on those people! Hahahaha! 
These are the same folks that voted for Obama. Lol
+KennethSmith I don't think so. The chances are greater they didn't vote at all.
This look like a futuristic video of what will happen in four year from now when Obama will leave the white house and people from the ghettos will realize there will be no more free Obmaphone.
Buying crap they don't really need.
Joe M
If I phones weren't so much money people would not act so crazy just to get a cheaper phone.( Blame Game Apple .)do we really need $500.00 phones?

Ok enough. This is the same thing that Muslims go through every time a portion of them perform some terrorist action. That is not reminiscent of them as a whole just as this crappy behavior is not Americans as a whole. I don't go shopping the day after Thanksgiving because of these few jerks. 
Joe M
We don't need no stinking cellphones.remember when there were no stinking cellphones ? Why do we need them? Life was so much better.
Joe M
Joe M
Joe M
Idiocracy is coming true!
idiocracy - most people are equipped wt tis..unfortunately...
Black Friday- because only in America, we fight and trample people over sales the day after being thankful for what we already have...
That's just for a phone, want to tell the chinese to show restraint in their embrace of consumerism for the sake of the planet ? lol
Ken Gee
WTF! That's just ridiculous. Animals just animals. Only in the USSA. 
Dark side of "Black Friday"...So Depressing.
These prepaid plans are so attractive right now...
And my friends wonder why I hate large cities... This is what happens when you get entirely too many fucking idiots together. It's sad that our prison system has more organization than people that have their freedom.
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