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Why do tech media continue putting out malware reports from security firms? It's like putting out a report from a cocain dealer that states doing cocain increases your IQ. 
Nope. Apple for life, suckas!
Nope. I use Lookout to scan every app I install and I only side the Google Play store. 
In my two and a half years as an Android user... nope
I believe this network is the wrong place to ask that sort of question. On Facebook you probably will get a lot more 'Yes' answers.
u r more likely to get malwares if you sideload apps
Nope, never.. and will be using Android for life! 
Nope. Never if you stick to reliable software sources it should be fine
I read somewhere that this issue is usually bloated out of proportion. If you download only from Google Play, there's really nothing to be scared about. These are just propaganda of entities in security business. So they can sell their wares. Never was I a victim of malwares. Been with Android since the beginning. 
Are they actually Malware, or simply considered a risk because they may access your local SD card, contacts, etc?  All Android apps warn of the areas they can access, when you install them.  I'm not sure if Apple or MS apps do the same, but I'm sure they may require data access also.  
This article is absolutely worthless as it includes apps outside the Google play store. Also this article may be better suited for Facebook users :p
Nope, been using Android for 3 years. Mind you, I've only ever downloaded via the official marketplace. 
Nope, but I have ecountered a Trojan in some SL4A downloads.
All the ond-word "no" answers make this thread look like grandma's congregation after Christian archaeologists find a lost scripture where God explains evolution. 
This is just advertising. Always some statement from some security company attached to these INFOMERCIALS. 
Nope. Apple sponsored this article to draw attention away from its dwindling ipad mini losses
Never had malware issue. Been on android for 3 years and now own my third Android phone 
I don't understand how one gets android malware. Just b/c its in the store doesn't mean people are getting it. 

Been on android since the beginning and never had a malware issue. I even side load apps. 
Must be a apple fan boy that posted this. 
Never and I download everything on see at least once .
Hell no.  It's pretty damn easy to spot them.  I do use Bluepoint security as well, but only because it's completely cloud based and doesn't slow down the phone.  Refuse to run a traditional AV on a phone.
Nope - on my fifth device - almost all of them were rooted and had after-market apps. Never had malware/virus issues. I recommend Avast . Not only does it protect from viruses/malware, it scans all apps and lets you know what permissions they have. Other good options are AVG, Lookout, Norton, NQ. And when you install apps from the market (any market), do check the reviews!
No, of course not. We've all seen a thousand and one stories about "potential" malware and "possible" security risks, but not one of these stories has ever involved anybody being infected. Just click trolling.
Nope, are the majority of the malware apps related to adult content?
I don't seem to have a problem with nefarious apps.
Never had any malware over 3 years.
I've had Android since the G1 and I've never had any malware.
Apple's getting desperate...... 
I am on my fourth Android device, I've never used any kind of anti-malware software because I can't see the need to do so. 

So no, and this is really a non-issue on android.
+Elliott Natale These articles are known as FUD. Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt. Don't buy into it. Move along, nothing to see here.

1. Whenever a report like this comes out, you need to first check their definition of what "malware" actually is.

2. It's not untrue that there are lot of bad apps floating around, however most of them afflict users in China (probably millions of them) who don't have access to Google Play, and thus install their apps, usually pirated versions of more famous ones, from shady Chinese sites run by crooks. The rest of the world can rest easy downloading apps from more reputable sources.
I've been an Android user for years, I don't have a security program installed, I've easily installed close to 300 apps, some from unknown sources, and I have never accidentally downloaded any malware. It's common sense, people. Sheesh.
security firms warning us of security threats and offering us paying security apps ... hmmm am I detecting a pattern here ....
Never, and that surprises me, considering the regularity of articles in the media about android malware increasing 500% etc etc. Not once have I ever seen this to be the case. 
I must have downloaded and tried at least 200+ apps over the past 2 years off of google play and even ventured into ‘unstable‘ root apps. So far, no malware. The search for extraterrestrial malware continues. . .
Well look, another report by a company that has a vested interest in mobile security. With a company who makes money off the fear of malware, is it any surprise they found large numbers. This study seems to be fairly useless due to the biased view on the subject of the company performing it, if it was an independent body I would put more trust in it.

The areas with the largest number of reports don't have access or have limited access to paid apps, due to low income or no support for buying apps in the country, so they get them from other sources. 

Basically this report is useless as it isn't done by an independent body and the likely source of these is probably from cracked / pirated apps. So no need to worry if you are sensible and use caution when installing apps that look suspicious, and use a trusted market ( Play store, Amazon etc.) to get your apps from.
Nope. And I don't know a single person who has.
No,i always have a lot of control of my android apps.
Nearly 5 years with android and never. Probably helps that I'm not a complete moron.
You iOS has just as few malware ans iOS does
Yes.........I installed IOS 6 on my android phone then suddenly my maps quit working, no more NFC, and my screen suddenly got smaller. Does that count as a virus?
Do some research. This is not a fact. It is a beat up.
Not once since cupcake days..I download from internal n external sources.
I've had android devices for the past 5 years and have never had any malicious apps. The "android is filled with viruses" is a myth perpetuated by iFans and companies that want to scare people into buying their security apps. 

Truth is if you don't go downloading shady pirated apps you wont have any issue with malware on android.
3 years owning an android....nope never encountered one
No, not a single malware app thus far.
+Elliott Natale stories like this are designed to make you hesitate, or maybe buy someone's antivirus product that you don't really need. Ignore the article, just count the number of people who replied with a "yes".
malware report from someone trying to sell antivirus software.. good one.. 
No. Never. Irresponsible journalism.
Then again what do you expect they are Owned by the same People that own Engadget who is always trying to make android look bad and Putting out apple fanboy articles
Nope, and nobody I know has gotten one.
Actually, this depends on how you define "malware".
Is "malware" software that does harm to your device or your data?
Or is "malware" also software that uses permissions it doesn't really need for it's original purpose, and turns out to collect data behind the user's back?

In the latter case I guess a lot of people will have to think about their "no" again, and probably have to revert it into a "yes", because that's quite common among apps, especially the free ones, but also the paid ones, and it doesn't matter whether it's Android or iOS. Such Apps can be found among all platforms.
This quote pretty much sums up the article. "...“less secure” third party app markets — is a more likely explanation for the malware surge than malware makers finding a way to circumvent Google’s Play Store scanning system"
Never, in the three years of Android phones and tablet. It is so easy to avoid "bad apps" just read the comments, see who made it, read permissions and use good judgment. 
No. But I pay attention to permissions.
Just Facebook..... ;-) 
You probably have but don't realize it.
Nope, same for my computer. It's not difficult, just check out what you download before you download it. If anything seems suspicious, don't download it.
Owning Android devices since g1. Never had any issues with malware. There's this thing called "permissions". People should really read it. Google play store gets scanned by google servers for malware. So I doubt those surges came from google play store. I wonder what they determined unique samples. 
I haven't anyone who experienced malware, whether developers or noobs. It's just propaganda
Not once lol...unless you dl from pirated app sites..but then like all things use common sense lol
I'm on my 4th android device and haven't had any issues with malware. Before I download any app (even from the well-known developers in the play store), I read the reviews to get an idea of how people are using the apps and what potential bugs or issues they might run into.  Not getting infected with malware starts with you (the end user) making sure you're not putting crap on your phone.
Haven't had malware and been on Android since launch of OG DROID. 
No.. and I dont know of anyone else who has either
+Elliott Natale As someone who has used Android phones for 4 years, I've learnt to ignore these articles. I have never experienced a malware problem. Anecdotal, I know. But all I did was only to not randomly install gimmicky apps just because they are available. Beyond that, your call.
Not so far.  I've never actually heard of it happening in real life.
I assume that pretty much every app with 'battery', 'juice' or 'power' in the description is malware.
+TechCrunch I think the answers are predictable, because these few on Google+ are lucky and still can comment, because they are malware free, while the other 70 million Android fans try to debug their device right now and can't comment at all.
Have you ever been probed by an Alien. No. I'm sure they exist somewhere in the universe but they certainly haven't affected me. Same with the Android malware; I'm sure there is some out there, but I have yet to find it.
Nope! Not in 3 years as an android user 

It's funny to see so many droid noids, standing in the field behind the thrown of freedom, in complete denial...

Never in 3.5 years of an Android user
Never in the past 4 years of using Android devices.
Nope, not in just under two years of using Android.
Course I don't download that many aps.  :-)
And +Exsecratus Sicarius it's funny to see a simpleton try to make a snarky comment and not use the proper words. *throne
why do people keep putting up this stoth and chris may that is not nice you would not like it if that was yours and then you log on and see that someone has said that about your post so not cool. this is the same as the other people that has put stoth that are rude.
Nope. Never. Although i only download Google apps. Got tons of malware on my iPhone though downloading from cydia. Where are the reports on that?
I'd say this problem is apparent in counties without paid apps. Being duped in to something because Google can't roll out paid apps fast enough. Which is such shame. 
No, and I have yet to meet anyone using an android device who has.
Never. Apps that sucked and were worth the price (free) before deletion, lots! 
Nope, never have and highly unlikely to ever occur.
I only download apps that have a very large following and frequently appear on the play store landing page.
I'll admit, occasionally I side load apps from forums, and I gave up using lookout because it's a pain in the ass. Even still, I have never had malware I am aware of nor do I know any android users who have. I'm not sure where these reports get their info. 
What I tell people who complain about crap on their Android devices. Of course, I don't usually say the F out loud. "RTFR people!" Check the reviews, check the permissions, and if you still aren't sure, search for the app on google and look for reviews on blogs.
J Dod
Nope, it depends how much of an idiot you are. If you don't have an anti virus installed (many are free and really good) and you go around downloading apps without looking at the reviews or permissions etc then you deserve a virus 
Not really, i ihavent seen one yet
Note they use the carefully worded "platform".

Everyone knows that malware problems are because pirates sideload. If you don't disable the malware sideload lock, and only get stuff from the play store you will get fine.

Tech crunch removed from my list for sensational bullshit reporting. 
Nope and I don't know anyone personally who has.
From Play Store..none so far. Contented Droider here. =)
what a joke . been using android for over 2 years. Never once.
Android for three years...never a problem. 
No idea where this article took its dump. :P
Lol if you download a drawing ap that wants to make phone calls, you are looking for trouble 
+Elliott Natale I have used android for two years now. This usage includes side loading apk's from online downloads. I have never encountered an android virus, even when installing from questionable sources.
Even installed modified rom's and questionnable apk and never had anything more than a non-working app that can just be uninstalled.

Plus if you are so scared there is great anti-virus like avast or avg. I dont use one tough, I never had a problem !
Ron W
Yes. I have unknowingly downloaded lots of malware on Android. That is one of the biggest problems on the Android Eco system. 
Nope. The only thing that even came close to a malware are your (TechCrunch) posts. I'd block you but sometimes I need something to laugh at. Seriously, if you think it's that easy to get malware from google play, surely you won't have a hard time naming us at least 10 active malware apps from the list of most popular apps in google play. Most people will download apps that are common (Featured, top paid, top free, top grossing, trending) anyway. Get the point? Only idiots are going to download apps from the "cellar" in which case are better of moving to an OS designed for such, which you're obviously a fanboy of.
Never in the past 2-3 years of using Android.
Nope! Pay attention to reviews and permissions on the app and you will be fine.
Techcrunch is like fox news for the technology world. awful site.
Never, and only got viruses on windows once.
Using a standard account at the place of an admin account protects you from 90% of the nasties out there.
I also stay of what's "free" and not suppose to be.
Nope.  Every time i read these posts i wonder whats being considered malware exactly?  Ads?  Cause for allot of these apps that's where they get their cash from.  Shrug*
and that's because I just download regular apps from the Play Store and use common sense.
No. But I have wasted my time downloading anti-virus apps...which are owned by companies that fund these articles.
I've been with Android for 3+ years, I've installed apps from many different app stores, side loaded, etc..  Not once have I got any malware...
Most people wouldn't know if there phone had a malware attack. You would just think your phone is a
i've installed facebook app once... wait that isnt malware?
Q aI
Report paid for by crapple.
Andy L
Not once; been on Android since 2008. Appears to be a bunch of hoopla to drive downloads and purchases of "Antivirus" and "Antimalware" apps. 
If you install APKs you downloaded from Chinese websites, or visit non officials markets from Russia, you deserve to get your phone infected.
I'll bet these are the same persons to reply to these emails from this african princess from Cameroun who offers 1 million dollars to help her  get her heritage from her dead billionaire father.
Three years never an issue, but I don't use apps from outside the store. 
nope.. 4 stars or more with good reviews or its not getting downloaded. 
Malware is most common in countries where the play store is not available. Other than that, you will see it a lot on pirated apps. I have never had any malware (that I know of) and neither has anyone that I know.

Installation of malware is inversely proportional to common sense.
Another "sponsored" post?
Android since '09 and never a virus on mine or my wife's.
No... I use Lookout and it's never found anything. I don't know anyone who has either
Nope never been and I use 3rd party apps and never had an issue, Google for life, it's funny how some people hate and talk smack here and they're on the icraphone fan Wagon lol its just ironic they hate Google yet can't live with out maps, youtube and g+ lol. Android >apple any day and twice on Sunday 
+Nic Gillespie this. without knowing where people are getting these apps from, this is pretty much just telling us that malware is being created for a widely used platform, which, duh.
I am fearful, uncertain, and doubtful. 
No never, everything is scanned by kapersky mobile security on my gnex
I have installed 3rd party app used most of my data limit in one night. Over a full gb. Never again!
There must be at least 139 crapple fanboys out there, that's how many +1's there are.
The truth is nobody who downloads apps from trusted sources get infected. If you install pirated software so you can save $2 then you deserve to get infected. 
Interesting typo in the description of this article: Android's security screw
Crapple xD, Android is essentially very secure, i even got a malware free experience with a modded version. It's all about being aware of what you do..
It's like saying google plus is a ghost town. Only people who are already on google plus know it to be otherwise.
There should be a way to give this a negative instead of a plus!
Not to my knowledge avg has never prompted me
For several years of use, no. And apple with their fans can go f#ck themselves..
No. Not ever. However I consider ios to be malware....
No, you can't install Apple apps on Android.
Nope. But I don't download or sideload just any crap I find online or on the Play store. Kind of like Windows, I've never needed anti-virus/malware software because I'm a smart surfer =P
Scott E
Out of hundreds of apps, not a single bit of malware. The problem isn't nearly as bad as some would have you believe - just the usual FUD from the usual people.
Never. The only bad stuff is the anti virus crap passed off in the play store. 
No, I'm Pretty sure the malware is there to punish the idiots who think they can trust an app from a "john doe" publisher... 
I side load and get apk from unknown source and still no malware. I used avast, lbe, and add detector just in case though... 
+Elliott Natale as someone who has been using android since 2008, I can tell you that these stories are mere scare tactics. Get your apps from Google play store and check out the permissions and you'll be fine.
In 4 yrs never nor do I even think about it. Nor do I use a 'security' (read: snake oil). Nor will I ever use that junk. Nor do I even discuss the subject with my techno-phobic partner or parents about their Android phones. Why? Because its the biggest pile of horse shit going. Utterly irrelevant. And I'm sick of these morons masquerading as 'journalists' regurgitating the same, uncritical, lazy, unthinking crap almost daily. Its SO self-evidently self-serving ('research'='marketing dept copy') that these publications using it confirms they have no credibility or integrity. The more so because of reactions like these here, every time, yet they keep doing it. Worse, they deliberately pen click-bait headlines to go with them. This tells you all you need to know. Everybody should immediately abandon any such organisation when they see this behaviour. There is no further value in your reading their material.
Never and I have owned Android for about 3 years.
Never and I've had only android phones since the HTC hero.
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