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It is fresh air to many of us. I can see more and more people really using G+ every day.
Great article! Google+ is and is just going to become a bigger part of an effective interactive marketing campaign. 
Although improvements are needed, I find it useful for what I need, my own experience and service requirements doesn’t rely on billions of people being on it...
kinda makes sense, isn't the whole purpose of Google+ is to connect Google's various products together into a giant social platform?
This reminds me of the survey of LinkedIn users that found 61% of them said they used LinkedIn.
Didn't one of their writers recently say that no one is here? You have to hand to TC and their unbreakable consistency.
I think that the media will tell you whatever they are paid to tell you. Just from using Google+ you can tell there are plenty of people using it that anyone that says otherwise is just lying.
It would be interesting to see TechCrunch's own stats on referrals to their content from facebook, G+, and other sources. That should reveal something, and they actually have that data. Of course that data couldn't entirely be extrapolated to internet users at-large, but would still be interesting.
I'm still thinking about how it all fits together, but I think Google nailed the future of public vs. private.  Curated communities are where it's all headed.  Reality, for the most part, lets you choose exactly who to interact with, and how.  Good UX suggests the internet should follow suit.
I love G+, but I think it is a niche product for tech heads. It caters to mostly technically savvy men. Mainstream users are at Facebook, no questions about it.  
+Jeremy Gordon Communities are fast becoming my favorite part of Google+. You can immediately begin engaging  people with common interests. Now, community members are finding they have more than one interest in common, and spinning off new communities.
g+ started out as a tech person's playground but as more people find it the content has changed. I for one never liked Facebook especially" friending" people I hardly knew.
You guys should have some idea based on clickthroughs to your articles?  How does G+ compare to twitter & facebook on this article, for example?
I think that people whom cannot tell the difference between G+, GMail, Docs and Search shouldn't be allowed to use a web browser.
I've been on G+ since the start. Increasingly, I am finding that it is a more enjoyable experience and, as I spend more time here, I find more value from it in terms of finding interesting things, as well as with its features, especially photo management. It is somewhat unfortunate that none of my friends and family use G+.
+Scott Clark +Pedro Calmon, true, but let's also not forget that Facebook started out as exclusively wealthy university students.  

Demographics often change with time.
+Jeremy Gordon I think one big difference is that for many people, Facebook was their first social network. Now however, the costs (in terms of contacts) to migrate from Facebook to Google+ is very high. That is why I think G+ will remain as a rather successful niche product. 
+Scott Clark, +Pedro Calmon I think it depends upon who you seek to engage with. I engage with many women here and most of the activity I see is not about technology.

You are right about Facebook though; It is just a big echo chamber. The thing I love about Google+ is the willingness and desire of so many here to reach out across the world and engage people from other cultures. The Google+ translate extension for Chrome helps my streams become amazingly interesting.
G+ is for mature savy audiences, unlike facebook's popularity relays more on a day to day gossip amongst people indulging in ignorant content...G+ is a stream of fresh air for me. Aways from all the non needed drama attached to a comment.
G+ is really useful (sharing pics, start discussions on topics) and nice looking (compared with FB), while twitter is good just for some joke
J. B.
When you put the right people/sites in your circles... you have the best news feed. Whenever I go back to facebook it feels so dated... but all my friends are still there, the fear of change sucks.
Чуваки все чотко.
It's like a really good RSS Feed. Able to find news sources much faster than FB as that is a busy flea market of random items. Not saying I do the best at FB, either, but I like G+ more.
G+ is a daily addiction for me. It allows me to check new info for tech, education, science and history in one convenient place. I never check FB, but I check G+ every day.

For a few seconds I was insulted by the mainly tech savvy male comment until I really looked at the commenters and realized they all seemed to be men. G+ may need to work on that female demographic a little more.
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