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We’ll publish your story if CNET won’t -
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What's at issue in the suit?  Anyone know?
If you do publish it will you continue to spell things wrong? "Identify" should read "identity". I am available for hire as your editor if required. 
I read this as "We will publish junk articles which are biased towards particular companies if Cnet won't."
I kind of have lost all faith with +TechCrunch no blog or blogger should write about anything they have invested in.

tl;dr +TechCrunch isn't any better than Cnet.
CBS owns CNET. Get it? Dig the TechCrunch move.
If a CNet writer agrees, they should provide facts and narrative to someone else, and let someone else write it. Writing styles are as good as signatures, and if they do not want to be found out, they need to be careful.
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