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As Facebook launches Nearby, Foursquare continues its focus on discovery with latest iOS update -

Do you find yourself using Foursquare often still?
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I find myself using Google products more and more and forgetting non-Google products. 
I uses them all, I just don't like to be boxed in on any app, etc. If i uses one more than the other, then they have provided enough to spark/maintain my interest.

Discovery is excellent, thumbs up for Foursquare. 
Erik H.
+Nathaniel Walker Kind of ironic that you'd post that here. You know... where "there is no one".
I use Foursquare all the time. Their BPL works and the integration with FB is fine. It works for me as a way of letting friends know where I am if they want to engage in some way. Works much more smooth and I really use the feature where I can see if one of my friends has been at a place!
I guess the more flexible we are about internet products the better we find their uses. I think being a fanboy doesnt lead you anywhere. Thats like reading newspapers: u start to get used only with one vision, and build your opinion above only one basis.

I use both Foursquare and Facebook. Actually I've connected the accounts, and they serves me well.

My point is: I believe on the strengh of each social media, no matter if its a tiny or a huge one.
I only use programs that get me laid.
Foursquare Explore remains the best local discovery tool I know -- both on my phone and laptop. 
I gave up on Foursquare about a year ago but will have to check the update out. Once fb places happened I got sick of the double check in.
+Sarah Murray how so ? U could just link twitter / four square to fb so u don't have to double check in 
I uses +Path to check in fb twitter foursquare tumblr simultaneously
Hm, I nearly forgot about Foursquare. But I think I'll give it a new start :-). FB places? No way! Without my duty to control some companies accounts I would have deleted my account there month ago.
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