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Damn. CEO Brian Chesky says Airbnb will be filling more room nights than all Hilton Hotels by the end of 2012 -

How many of you have used Airbnb already?
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Don't be, we have had some great stays at airbnb properties. 
One of these days we may try it out...
I've been using AirBnB in the U.S. and Russia. So far I had only wonderful experiences, way better than any hotel...
I'm with +Tad Donaghe, my wife and I have thought about it but we're scared people will trash our place.
Or, I'm scared that I'll find some place that looks nice, but when I get there is actually in a horrifying neighborhood or something.
Those are perfectly understandable concerns, still, the same could happen at a hotel/motel. I guess, one should be the guest a couple of times before offering one's own place on AirBNB. That's at least my personal and very subjective feeling about it...
I don't know about AirBnB, but CouchSurfing is amazing (oh, and it's FREE).
Love it, just used it in Amsterdam and Paris, and rented our place out in NY while over there. Made the trip so much more affordable!
Used and loved it and plan to use it again soon. 
We have used AirBnB in Chicago, London, Paris, and NYC and it's an awesome way to find affordable accommodations when traveling. I feel so much better giving my $ to people rather than spending $$$ on a room that sits empty most of the day.
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