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Bow to the new king: The Samsung Galaxy S III, the best selling smartphone in all the land.
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Stll deciding to purshase iphone or samsung SIII
for me take iphone and give me samsung SIII OK
and that's just one phone from one Android Manufacturer. IOS is taking a beating lately.
Happy to see that, it is a quality phone. 
We know that the iPhone will outsell the s3 eventually but the s3 deserves to be on top, its a great phone so imagine how well the next phones will sell, the iPhone is in trouble.
Just bought one recently and I love it. Best decision in phones
THIS IS SUCH BULLSHIT. Of course the SIII out'shipped' the iPhone 4S... duh. This is dumb and shouldn't even be mentioned. iPhone5 4th quarter numbers will SHIT ALL OVER the SIII... 
This is exactly why they release devices when they do. Exactly why. "Oh, yes, we will sell our new phone in the months prior to the release of the most popular device on the GD planet, so we can beat their numbers, but only until they drop their new phone, then its back to 2nd."
+Aaron Weyhrich why are you so upset, i'm an iphone user and don't find anything wrong in good old competition. i would be upset if i were tim cook only....why all the drama?
Regardless if the S3 is the top of the sales or not, I bought it because it has many features, great screen, tweakable OS and many more. 
+Aaron Weyhrich This is the first time that any single smartphone has outsold the iPhone in any quarter. not news worthy for you? 
My wife has samsung galaxy sIII n i have i phone 4s..... so we're complete...
+Luca Piccardi and +Hassan Dibani - I just think it's irrelevant... making news and fuss over nothing is frustrating... its like watching the news on a Wednesday night and you know its been a slooooooow week therefore they are pulling the dumbest stories out of their ass... that's all.
+Aaron Weyhrich this is important news and might signal a trend. you say the the iPhone 5 will outsell the s3, but forget that Samsung said that the s4 will come in February giving it 8 moths time beat the iPhone 5. it might even take Q2 next year.

This is huge for developers looking to target an ecosystem. this essentially invalidates the argument of targeting the iPhone first (easier to target a single device) now that the Galaxy is outselling it. As a bonus their apps will work with all of the other Android phones in the market.
I agree with all of that but, I really doubt that, what you're referring to, is happening right now.
Credit where it's due to Samsung..though get some of the annoyed posts...fact of the matter is both companies are doing well last time I checked! And both phones have a bit of the wow factor! I was happy when I got the S3 and even happier it's running jelly bean now...and I'm sure apple owners are just as happy with their 4s and 5 IPhone s...just like the court cases between the 2...there will be more news next month, next year etc most people don't really care about. Speaking for myself, I would rather get news on when their network pushes new updates to their compatible phones...
Samsung Galaxy S III, it's a beast trapped in a small body. And its cousin Note, its like a bodybuilding at work. These two will get so strong so happy to have a Samsung Galaxy S III.
+Aaron Weyhrich yeah, that's what I said last quarter, see...

Except, this is the quarter they released the iPhone 5... and Samsung is still on top... They might remain on top through Q4, the demand for the SGSIII is much higher than for the iPhone 5 from what I can tell... SGSIII purchasers are like "yeah, I want that damn phone" iPhone 5 purchasers are, "Well, I'm due for an upgrade so I guess I'll take this"... 

I have not seen an iPhone 5 in the wild yet, not a one... I see SGSIII phones all over the damn place though... and I just saw a Sam's Club black Friday ad for .96 yes Ninety Six CENTS on contract... in Q4 everyone and their mom is going to have an SGSIII in their pocket... 
It's looking as if Apple is finally losing "steam" and people are really starting to realize there are much better options. I'm personally seeing this where I work and couldn't be happier that people are making the switch. Android deserves every bit of the praise it has gotten. 
It won't be for long, people were waiting for the iphone 5 in q3. And apple only had 1 week of iPhone 5 sales during g3 and still sold 6 million.

"According to the figures, Samsung shipped 18 million Galaxy S3.
Apple, meanwhile, shipped 16.2 million iPhone 4S handsets during the third quarter.Apple also shipped 6 million iPhone 5s during the last week of g3."

During g4 iPhone will be the top phone again.
irish d
it's the note 2 for me, s3's big brother. samsung's awesome.
+irish d that's the other thing I'm seeing more and more of... and I see a lot more girls with them than guys... 
irish d
+James Pakele i guess stylus and big phones (like those humongous glasses) are the latest fashion? i must admit i look forward to accessorizing it. and women are just natural in note-taking? =)
It's best that way
+James Pakele - very true about not seeing many iPhone 5s but it did just come out. As for Samsung, I just bought the Note at well.
So. 16.1m iPhone 4S & 6m iPhone 5. Doesn't that mean Apple shipped 22m iPhones to sammy's 18m?
I have my GS3.  It's my second Android device!, where are those numbers? See... this just proves my point-this is all irrelevant.
+Aaron Weyhrich you're right, this is all irrelevant, honestly if Samsung sells more then what? Nothing. The sun rises tomorrow and life goes on... As much as Apple haters might want, it doesn't mean the demise of Apple, just that they sold less phones than Samsung, but, so....

A little while back I trolled a similar thread, pretty hard, because there was a bunch of people spurting out regurgitated tech blog quotes and getting all bent out of shape... But really, really what does it matter? It doesn't, when we go to the store the device we want will still be on the shelves... 
+James Pakele - It seems like the numbers are being interpreted in a way that falsely praises the current sales of just another good phone. - I think if Google actually did some marketing for their Nexus line to the extent that Samsung pushes their devices... "another good phone"
Samsung Shits on = inferior products.
Hell yeah..
But I think it's not a next big thing yet.. 
apple ethic and products are Total Garbage and you know just been lying to yourself thinking you bought into something special..SUCK ASS!
I can't stand Apple as a company. BUT I cannot deny they have an amazing product lineup. Now, it's not for me, but to refer to them as "inferior products" is just dumb.
+ Aaron Weyhrich..maybe I'm dumb,thats why I've never bought any of apple junk..(Very Proud To Admit)
w/e man + Aiddie Ghazlan   <-- nicely done.
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