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Google issues invites to October 29th NYC Android event, says “The Playground Is Open”. Hmm. What do you think will be announced? -
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I suppose matt burns isn't excited about new Nexus devices or new android versions. 
No clue but it's going to a busy week tech wise.
Wild guess would be some kind of new development thinger. But, again, wild guess.
Nexus 7 with more memory; New nexus phone(s); and I would love to see a meeting of Google tv and the nexus Q.
This event might be Google's version of Apple's Game Center for Google Play? You heard it here first ladies and gentlemen; just sayin' ;-)
Google will be adding Google Glasses to players in the World Series. 
Opening up of Nexus brand to a certification process where all manufactures can submit their phones for certification.  Hence the open playground
Worldwide Play Store for all departments... Yeah I'm delusional. 
I'm guessing it's got something to do with gaming. I hope they keep up this branding around the word Play, really liking it. 
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