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It would be cool if Google's next new product was _______.
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Google in the car. Music, contacts, texting, everything on the phone.
a phone that had inconspicuous in solar charging. 
hologram travel pod with virtual tour guide.
Another attempt at stock Google on Verizon. 
Combined messaging app Google Talk/G+ Messenger/Voice/Texting!
Google Doodle fashion line.
Physical payment system (card readers, NFC readers)
Voice operated Home automation gadgets
Health records stored in a NFC-enabled ring.
Apps within G+, featuring Kahn Academy and Code Academy. 
An Android and iOS compatible smartwatch. iOS compatible because frankly, I think Google would do a better job at a smartwatch than Apple and iOS users need that Google product to "halo effect" them into the Android world. 
Google glasses with actual transparent screen. 3D. All that good future tech. We know their going too... Questions is when :P
Google Search enabled kiosk to be placed in malls, search the stores within the mall, controlled by an easy interface.

Touch the panel, ask your question, visually see and hear the answer.
Google Fiber for the Minneapolis / St. Paul.
Open standards for fitness data.
Open source software for lifelogging.

Google smart paper, using Sony's flexible screens, create an OS optimized for stylus-based input.
+Google Maps for racing teams.  Create a UI that tracks the progress of each team member.  Create a GPS tracker in a wrist-band.  Or some other light-weight form factor.
Google Cloud Services for PHP projects with Mysql Support.
Google Wallet supported accounts for money transfers.
Gnu-oogle notebook or ultra book.
Android OS in the Car.  A Car-optimized, voice or gesture based OS that requires minimal input and few features.   Just maps, music, and an in-car camera connected to G+
Easier API to embed Google Analytics reports in my CMS
Google U. Not to be confused with YouTube education. 
Use Leap Motion's technology to build a gesture-driven OS.
Better integration of YouTube video rentals and GTV
More second screen apps for GTV
Something highly useful that I haven't even thought of yet
A double din android powered vehicle head unit with a 1080p display and customisable user interface to match the vehicle's styling, such as a BMW boot logo when you insert the key etc.

This would also have a large storage capacity for music, video etc and a sim card for data. The head unit would also be able to wirelessly stream av to another screen within the vehicle, be it roof mounted or head rest mounted etc for the kids to watch. 
Google afro hud. Not a hud for you, a social hud (hair up display) for your friends. 
Finish the migration of all their products so that you can migrate all your different accounts into one. So far you can't transfer play purshases so i have old accounts with apps on. 
Google wireless, Google TV DVR, android os in my car, release some andoroid home automation products.
Well, it's almost 2015...I'm still waiting for my hoverboard.  Google, could you help out with that?
For all those talking about Android in the car, there are some increasingly impressive double-DIN head units coming out of Hong Kong. They're generic, but have full Android 4.0 ICS with Play Store and full features for around $400. Maybe not dream specs, but getting close and already affordable.
+Troy Tiscareno The quality is very sketchy though and the screens are crap. There's next to no support for them either. Dynavin make some speciality ones for BMWs but I'd like something of similar quality to the Nexus 7. :)
Google fiber in my Hometown instead of across the other side of the country of where I'm at.
All their US only services ,avilable worldwide but first europe(most of them fiber,voice,wallet,offers and ...) :)
That is by far the worst idea I have ever heard anyone suggest ever about anything. A 'blank line' has already been done many times before there is little room for competiton and even less potential for profit when your product is a single piece of punctuation. 
All google services in europe (google music for example)
smart watch/wristband
"Available in Ireland", we still can't but the nexus 4 yet, even though we are actually home to Google's European headquarters. Hopefully soon though. :)
+Chris Weber You say that you design websites and work with drupal. If you are interested in working on an epic project for partial ownership instead of upfront money, the name of the website is battlelol. Also, GPSFailBlog and TextMessageTroll. 
A smart thermostat or something else in home automation like outlets, various sensors, etc.
A Nexus 7 with a SD card slot and CDMA/LTE. Oh, and an IN STOCK Nexus 4 with CDMA/LTE would be nice too.
Commercializing the Google car, +Android watch that would act as a phone. Further development of +Google Wallet ... At least in Canada. +Google window... Windows with android platform (e.g. Iron man). A better integration of @chrome os and +Android ... More to come i'm sure
Wearable tech like a watch or belt buckle attachement.

...properly supported by them.
Google + Sony partnership on making the PS4. PS4 built on top of Android with Sony's services and app store for games. Google's Play store for indie games, movie, and music streaming.

The next Xbox will almost certainly have this multi-platform synchronization.  This is how Sony can fight back.  
A quad core phone with 4 = fail
Google Home, which includes home automation software + the ability to scan the barcodes of all the food in my pantry and manage the periodic delivery of more food without needing to go to the grocery store.
An updated Reader app that audibly reads my curated collection of news stories.  Bonus points for voice controls and other features that help me use it without my hands.  

I want something that will catch me up on the news while driving.  I don't want to be distracted from driving while using it. Just the news please.
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