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what a great introduction to this post. /sarcasm
Awesome! yes glasses one day will be our vision to future.
It is cool but but one day they may make it small as a microw dot. and you will never now its there.
shrug I always augmented reality with chemicals.
This is interesting but....would people actually wear these things? Regularly? I'm not sure if I would.
Add a video game that shoots animated lasers, adds monstrous overlays to the random folks which dot my path and allows for the discovery of hidden cache's of loot... And you got yourself one google-goggle wearing fool.
Unfortunately it reminds me of those things which turned out to be mind-control devices, in that anime movie in English by John Woo that I only recently watched: Appleseed Ex Machina.
It would be neat if they implemented some sort of night vision option.
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