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Facebook Graph Search didn’t break your privacy settings, it only feels like that -
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Probably because at the time of uploading, there was a way to have settings configured to keep it private.

+Ivan Stoychev, do you believe people who upload media to paid-for account in Picasa or Flickr should expect to see them floating around publicly?  What about services like or Dropbox?  Or did you specifically mean Facebook?
Hellooooooo single ladies near McDonald's who like disco music!
The guys over fb think everyone is a moron...
+Jay Swanson I'm in a relationship, male, and nowhere near McDonald's, but I like disco music!
+Ivan Stoychev Ironically, the big issue here is that the search exposes pictures of you that other people have uploaded, that you have no control over.
That's a problem nobody has solved yet. Your friends can upload photos of you and they'll be searchable unless you know about them and get them taken down. 
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