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Cheaper products from competitors? Doesn't matter.
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By which metric is Apple winning? Not by innovation or sales or market share or customer loyalty or hardware or software.
Err - Apple are losing everywhere but the USA.
Android has not only cheaper products but better products, the iPhone 5 looks hopelessly dated next to the Nexus 4.
Wait, Apple is still winning in the USA? News to me....
Mark P.
What I want is to do whatever I want with the devices that I own.

I also want it recognized that I own the devices that I pay money for.
Apple is only good for ipad and computers
And by winning you mean declining sales, low customer satisfaction, and low market share?  
Sony didn't care either, and that was why they started losing after all that winning.

They kept charging the Sony premium until enough people asked "why?"

Now Sony are struggling to catch up. I hope they can be successful again in the future but no company is impervious to consumers' changing preferences and demands... not even the mighty Apple which might one day fall far from the tree of its founder
Mark P.
That's two companies I refuse to buy from. Sony and Apple.
Why spend money on a product you can't customize to your own satisfaction....... Apple is dead and gone.
Don´t  care?  the  Apple´s  stock is going down
Honestly apple can afford to have this attitude. Dispite their heavy compition early on with microsoft and intel they have stayed very strong. They went into a lull for a couple years during windows xp release during which they where working on the original iPod but after vista hit the market they took off. With the release of the color iPod classic they took off like a rocket and iPod became the worlds most popular mobile music device. They have had competition, Microsoft's zune did give them a good run for their money but zune was unsuccessful due to lack of r&d on Microsoft's part. This seems to be a running issue with Microsoft. The iPod gave apple a lot more attention, which caused their computer sales to boom. Its because of this that they can afford this attitude. They have an amazing reputation due to their iPod. Their only hold back now is providing more support for developers, incorporating more coding languages, and supporting more of the common languages, and providing more tools to export other languages to their native exacutables. In my opinion if they did that; and advertised it, they would dominate the market in two or three years flat
This article brought to you by Apple. Maybe if they get some media to say they're winning, people will start to believe it and buy their products instead of actually looking into competitors' products.
Apple died in terms of innovation with Steve Jobs! 
Tim Box
There has been no innervation in tech for years. The smart phone is an evolution of the previous generation, tablets were thought of in the 70's. apples big thing was figuring out how to make people want to pay over the odds for ok tech.
You know, for a company that "doesn't care" they sure spend a lot of time talking about, and sueing over Android products.  Even releasing the iPad Mini to combat the Nexus 7, and trying to push Google away by making Apple Maps.  Apple seems more like a cornered animal than a honey badger these days.  They are desperately trying to stay relevant, and seem to be failing at it.  For the first time ever, I am hearing many Apple fans saying, "Why should I get the iPhone 5?  It's not really much better than my iPhone 4/4s."  Many of them are switching over to Android products, such as the S3, and the Note 2.  Apple has no chance against Google.  Neither MIcrosoft or Apple can adapt fast enough to survive.  They simply aren't as nimble, and fluid as Google.
I dont think Apple is "winning" but in general good points
if they dont care why are they suing?
Apple is winning thanks to marketing.  They've convinced the consumer that a pound of silver is worth twice as much as a pound of gold.  With profit margins like that, it's hard to lose.
of course they don't care. that is why they are doing their thing without looking around. this can be good or bad.
lol.  cook speaks as if he IS jobs.  let's see if apple will introduce the next big thing by the end of this year: iphone - 2007, ipad - 2010, it's about time for an iXYZ.
Some people just can't see... The ones who wrote this gotta be joking. 
Ridiculous article and preposterous headline.
The issue with apple is that they act like a dictator. It's one way or the highway. With that said however, there are positives in iOS that I like over android. For example, my Nexus 10 crashes every two hours. That rarely occurs with Apple products.

EDIT:  4.2.2 seems to have fixed the widespread crashing of the Nexus devices.
You should probably more carefully evaluate what you install on to the Nexus 10.
+Kevin Burger yea got it last Thursday and have just installed big names apps like eBay. My n4 hasn't crashed a single time and the apps between the two are identical, but less of them on the n10. 
Hey let's not forget who!!! invented the smart phone apple!!!!!!!!!! So if you own an Android phone thank apple for that ;-)
I find +TechCrunch 's pointless and random acts of total Apple fanboism to be rather amusing. And embarrassing.
Apple is set to return to its niche market, similar to that of luxury car makers. The majority is going to end up wanting to pay less for an Android device, with its slightly steeper learning curve, while the minority will be willing to pay more for a more refined user experience. What Apple better remember is that those who are willing to pay top dollar also expect first class customer service. No is a word they should train their employees to avoid using. I still think Apple's strength is in designing/ refining the user experience and not simply making gadgets. I still think Apple should purchase Ticketmaster and other such companies and help set up a system to protect fans from scalpers. Apple can do more to protect its users from hackers too. I would buy AOL too and reconstitute the walled garden experience. This would be popular with parents who need more help keeping their children safe from harmful sites. I would buy Orbitz and or Kayak and help users plan vacations to see their favorites in concert. Apple would no longer be just a gadget making company, but a company devoted to making every part of our lives less complicated. Apple would be designing/ refining the user experience of Life. That's Apple's strength, in concert with their awesome developer community. Yea, crazy ideas. I know. 
+Carlos Iniguez ...Don't forget about BlackBerry. Apple became popular by copying existing innovation and making it "better", not by being original. Their best innovation IMO has been iTunes. That is what sold the iPod, iPhone, and iPad.
Thing is, they're technically not winning anymore... they'll be surpassed by androids in a matter of years, if not in 2013.
Hmmmm... Maybe its because they don't care...
American product patent litigation enterprise
+Edwin Colon your comment is the first interesting thing I've read in this discussion. As much as people try to put down Apple and their products, the fact remains that the have many loyal customers who like them because of their reliability and beauty, myself included. That video about whether Apple invented anything is ridiculous. Look at an early example of any invention. It is clumsy and awkward-looking. It often looks like something cobbled together from pre-existing parts, because it is. By definition, an invention must be made from things which already exist. Who remembers the first examples of the kerosene lighter? Only a few marginal collectors and history buffs. People remember and know and still use the Zippo because it feels good in the hand, it works flawlessly, and it is beautiful. It's more expensive to purchase than a plastic disposable lighter by twenty times, but retain its value and end up costing less in the long term, because it's refillable. Apple is the Zippo of personal technology. If you want an awkward cobbled-together prototype, go for it. If that appeals to you, if the cost is lower, if you like the aesthetic, if you enjoy fiddling and tweaking and fussing to make something work, that is your choice. If you want a reliable, refined and dare I say perfected product, get an Apple. Another commenter stated that eBay doesn't work on his phone. That is unacceptable in my opinion. On that alone I would avoid anything but an iPhone.
+Jonathan Wells As an old iPhone user up to iPhone 4 I can tell you there are many many Android phones that look better, are more reliable and have tons more features than the iPhone. You just assume iPhone is the best because you haven't used anything better. Don't confuse your ignorance with fact. How can you say Xperia™ Z - The precision engineered Full HD smartphone from Sony. CES 2013 this is not better looking and aesthetically appealing than the iPhone. I for one am not going back to Apple again. Not because the iPhone is not pretty enough, because compared to Android, iOS right now is leagues behind. You need to go buy a BETTER NEW ZIPPO.
+Jonathan Wells While I agree that iOS is refined, it's a little harsh to call Android an "awkward cobbled-together prototype". You seem to think Android is primitive and disfunctional. If you buy any phone from a recgognizeable brand for $250+, you will find that Android is just as refined as iOS. Sure, it gets slower updates and is badly fragmented, but if you buy the Nexus 4, for example, you will see that Android is a joy to use, at a fraction of the cost. For me, it is the customizeability that sets it apart. If you don't like your homescreen, no problem, just get another. As for your comment on eBay not working on someones phone, the compatibility list for eBay includes most decent phones manufactured in the last 4 years, so they must've had a pretty cheap phone. In my experience, Android phones are just as reliable, if not more reliable than iPhones. My Nexus One still works just fine, whereas my sister's 3GS refused to boot past the Apple logo after just a year. Obviously, you are welcome to yor own opinion, but Android is certainly not the "awkward cobbled-together prototype" you might think it is.
Jailbreak the iPhone.. It becomes a beast and I will not un break it
+Oderian Edwards market share as nothing to do with stock price. 
they don't care about what people wants and needs too. they release out-dated tech, and they don't care because they know iSheeps are gonna buy them. 
No tech company cares if they did thing would be free
Cheaper? Lol... It not hard to find out how much it costs Apple to make a iPhone :) The money they make off their phone etc is crazy.
I agree with them actually. They obviously know how to handle a company better than we do.
+Craig Holmes do matter how much they make off pure profit. Its not like Apple is putting out a bad product. Its just overpriced in some peoples eyes just like a lambo or rolls royce 
Lol TechCrunch doesn't care: that's why they offer Apple spin as journalism
Apple does really care...that why it lodged case against Samsung. It feared that it'll loose the share in the market for cell phones.
Apple does not satisfy there customers at all!!! When you put more focus on money and not your customers satisfaction, that's when the customers start disappearing💯✔💣💣💣💣💣
Not true.. My answer to all of u.. Want more options ... Just jailbreak ur phone and u all will be happy campers 
+Liu Puebla thats the silliest argument i have ever heard.  i seriously get made when i hear it.  well it can do that just jail break it.
The point is most of the crap can be done on other phones without having to possibly brick your phone.  not to mention due to new law jailbreaking an os is now illegal.

you shouldn't have to "break" and yes i mean screw with the code make it do something it wasn't supposed to, break, your phone to do something others have as normal options.

it is like saying here i'll give you internet but you have to make your own browser to use it. have fun!
+Jonathan Wells What are you talking about? Have you used a Nexus product or a high end Android device or are you just talking out of your ass? I have an iPad 4th generation, and previously owned an iPhone. Good products but now that I've had the opportunity to use a Nexus I see where Apple could make improvements. I own a small service company and have 20 cell phones. I am in the process of ordering tablets for all service techs and I asked what they want. I gave them my iPad and a nexus 7 & 10 to experiment with. They decided to go with the Nexus 7. The interesting thing is that 3 of my techs have iPhone's and asked me if they could switch to a Galaxy S3 or a Nexus 4. A few months ago I couldn't even get them to look at an Android device. The point is you need to actually use both devices for an extended period of time to make an informed decision. 
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