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Lol... I trust Google more with my data than I do microsoft... 
Get OVER it MSFT.  Ballmer's gotta be behind this.
I hate it when companies do things like this. If your product is so good let it speak for itself don't try to knock the other product or make them look bad. Just put out your best work and the rest will fall into place. This kind of thing just makes me want to use Google even more!
And this is why we all love Microsoft.

Oh wait.
S Mann
+Florian Jouanel why is that then? i use both and dont see any adverts on outlook ..
never bothered reading which adverts and if they are connected to any of my email contents, but i wouldnt put it past em.
video was of poor quality animation for a tech giant.
Ummm Google does read your emails. Its called spam filters...
Anyone who uses web based mail that's hosted on a major corporation's servers and expects it to be 'private' is deluding themselves anyway.  Silly add by Microsoft.  Common sense should tell anyone using yahoo, google, "outlook", that their mail isn't 'secure' using those services. 
S Mann
+Anthony Hernandez good point, in that case so does outlook. but both can argue its based on email address ? who knows.
stuff like this makes me want to sell my xbox and my windows computers.
S Mann
Google doesnt lie about it. At the top of your first email, there will be an advert. next to it it says 'why this advert?'
text inside it says :

"This ad is based on emails from your mailbox. Ads Settings puts you in control of the ads you see."

so yes, google does scan your emails.
on the other hand, no adverts in outlook
Pity MS, instead of writing good software they blame on rivals their failures
google ads are not a failure... they are the reason why we get all this shit for free. its a success.
+S Malik Unfortunately data is one of the most expensive things we can obtain. All big companies do everything to get your data, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, facebook etc... Your data is sold to third parties... ¨anonymously¨... IMHO facebook is the sneakiest b*tch of them all... but microsoft is almost there. The reason I trust Google more with data is that their data is mostly used for these ads... which makes 90% of google´s income... for this reason, Google services including Android are for free. Of course there is no guarentee... and I also try to be very carefull with data I put on the internet... but at least to me Google is quite clear on how they handle data (if of course it´s true)... Microsoft turns around the bushes... sneaky... evil company... 
Well, it strikes me that Google has nothing to worry about.  If Microsoft is focused on badmouthing Google, and Google is focused on innovations and offering new capabilities to their user base, which one is going to go farther?
I don't know if Microsoft understands but Gmail still continues to give me far more features that I use daily (especially the labs) and will not switch over to Outlook just because they don't have advertisements. Google has them and offers a superior service in my opinion. And nothing wrong with Outlook not having ads, it just doesn't offer all of the features that Gmail allows me. So I am not scroogled by any means.

P.S. I can send files up to 10GB directly from Gmail now, tell me I am getting scroogled when Outlook does even better
If you can't beat them, get desperate....
Absolutely idiotic. Microsoft insinuates that "cobbler" from "apple cobbler" will result in ads for shoe repair, and "smells" from "smells delicious" will result in ads for pet odor.  Regardless of whether Google is scanning your email, and regardless of whether you're OK with it, the implication that Google's algorithms are that weak is stupid.  Maybe that's how Bing operates, but Google is #1 in search because they take context into account.
Did you guys meant: "If you cant make a product not even close as good as the competition try to trash them...."
S Mann
i never use cloudservers. nothing is for free..and if it appears to be free, its being paid for by someone exchange for something we have.
Msft have have rights to its own opinion just as Google has rights to be awesome. and free.
S Mann
+Florian Jouanel point is. is try stay away from things that sparkle..not everything that glitters is gold.

i see here people on G+  slating google and how they are evil and sneaky on google plus? what makes them think thier posts and +1's arnt subject to adverts and private data being sold to the highest bidder? or those defending it who could be, for all we know, oblivious to what happens behind the scenes?

I think all corporations have an make money. God knows what tehy want to do wtih all that money, but there are things we the common people are unaware of but think we know it all.
my point is, id rather be paranoid and hopefully safe..than be trusting and a target to whatever it may be.
+S Malik I understand...that´s exactly the reason I am extremely paranoid and hopefully safe when it comes to microsoft... 

I do agree... All data you put on the internet should be well considered... but that counts for everything online... You need to be carefull. But IMHO... Microsoft has not much more glitter in the past... if that´s what your afraid of I believe you need to take a good look at that... unless you believe that as soon as a company starts losing market share it suddenly becomes more trustworthy... 
F*** MS is all I can say about this. Luckily I stopped buying their products long ago.
Roy, I don't think spam filters is what they care about.  They are pointing out the targeted advertising as an invasion of privacy.  However, a distinction I draw, that I haven't seen addressed to much, is that they are calling it anti-privacy by having their software read  your email, but in fact lots of software reads email all the time, whether it happens to be your SMTP transport service, your mail user agent, your spam filters, etc.  I don't sweat software regarding privacy; I might be concerned Google had hordes of people reading through my email and snickering :), or if they kept a record attributed to me (beyond my mailbox, of course), but nothing like that seems to be done.
+Bruce Israel it's extremely obvious this is intended to deceive dumb people to think only Google is reading your email, while Microsoft does not. They're only throwing the advertising bit as a legal precaution so Google cannot sue them for libel. But show that ad to any average Joe and ask them what they think about it afterwards, they'll tell you the ad says Google reads your email and Microsoft does not.
Did MS hire political advisers to do their adverts? "Can't beat them? Then trash them!"
I'm 100% fine with having targeted ads. Would you prefer ads that have no relevance to anything you are interested in? It's not an opinion shared by everyone, I know, but if work didn't require  me to use Outlook, I would stick with Gmail 100%. It's clean, easy to use, and more importantly it allows me to keep organization of my inbox much easier by stacking emails opposed to a new one every single frickin' time someone responds...what the sh*t is that about Outlook???

I'd take Big Brother Google asking me questions about something I like any day over someone (Outlook) spamming me with new email threads...
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