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All Games Are (In A Sense) Violent  
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One Night in Bangkok. 

(Curious if anyone will get that)
But the link between simulate violence and real violence have been debunked by numerous documented research projects. It is true that all are violent in some form or another because our basic human nature finds it amusing. Primal needs I guess.
Of course, +Daniel Lockhart -- my comment was meant to point out that violent games predate the video game era. Heck, children still play war and Cowboys & Indians wherein they fashion their fists into guns.
the only thing missing in this picture with our "sorry" game is fire :D
All games are not violent.

Tick Tack Toe? Dice? Go? Sudoku? Solitaire? Puzzle Bobble? Pong? Tennis? Forza? MLB? Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2? SSX? Angry Birds? Animal Crossing? Professor Layton? Initial D?  JetSet Radio?  Braid? Tetris? Geometry Wars?  Katamari?  Journey?  Need For Speed?  FZero?  Myst? Riven? Exile? Dance Dance Revolution?  Guitar Hero? Wii Sports?  Kinect Sports?  Portal? The Sims? Dear Esther? MineCraft? RollerCoaster Tycoon? Pinball? etc.......
K honestly, videogames promote the type of logic that discourages giving authority to those unequipped to wield it, not just through game play but also through story.

Clearly, the NRA's members missed out on the videogames. 
live the King and perish Pawns
Besting an opponent requires some degree of violence; of putting your needs and livelihood above those of another. That's why monopoly is the best and most violent game there is. 
not if the opponent is yourself...  It's funny how one dimensional some people can be.
I've never thought a tradegy will end up with people debating on where to pin the blame on.

As we live every day we meet and cope with conflict.  It is the truth of life.  In playing games we practice our skills in dealing with conflict.  We can think our way around, or come to terms with, whatever or who ever opposes our progress.  One option is to destroy or kill that which stands in our way or threatens us.  But violence is an option not a set rule of conflict.  Games are not violent in themselves.  They are a template for conflict management.
On the day of the Sandy Hook shooting, there was also an attack on an elementary school in China.  In both, a mentally ill man attacked about 20 young children.  In China, however, because of gun control laws, all of those children will be going home to their parents.

Easy access to guns in the US can make every confrontation - from road rage to kids' arguments - lethal.  
Indubitably so; enemies are a requirement for any game to be casually fun ideally, or taken further by committing actual violence with the opportunity of computer-generated content.

All in all, death & conflict go hand in hand with Nature through & through. And see it as you may, they're always there.
When it comes to human atrocities, self-control in certain degrees are determined by the individual behind the act.
So Games are today's Rock & Roll. Old people in media outlets and some parents blame games for social ills of today because they don't really know what it is nor want to know.

Does that mean they will only stop blaming games for everything after 20 years or so??
... and classic fairy tales too...wicked stepmothers,...dragons...witches...ogres...etc
+James Lee   "We live in a decaying age. Young people no longer respect their parents. They are rude and impatient. They frequently inhabit taverns and have no self control." -- attributed to an inscription in an Ancient Egyptian tomb

If you ain't Old you are part of the problem!!!

"Your old road is rapidly agin’
Please get out of the new one if you can’t lend your hand
For the times they are a-changin’"
 (Bob Dylan) 
P.S. He's old now too!
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