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Ofcourse it was down! I tryed to logg in like 20 times lol I still cant logg in.. but IDGAF anymore
It's still a problem and I'm only using it as a log in connection!
For me it's working super slow since half an hour ago.
still not working for me....ugh
Facebook: "Buy some of our $10 stock for $29 a share and we'll let you back in"
Tony A
Lots of 504 gateway errors.
I posted something from twitter and checked notifications about 4 minutes ago and it moved as fast as ever.
At least no one is lamenting not being able to water their virtual crops.
It still is for me. But I like it because I now don't need excuses not to use it.
Android app is down but I can access on browser. Google+ forever ;-)
Sti que c'est pas fiable.... J'peux pu dire bonne fete a personne...., On s'en sac tellement!
None would even notice it. Bcos we are all used to Facebook slow loading and stuff.
Didn't notice coz I use G+ more often.
haha yeah I experienced that.. and just moved on.. I was more pissed with Diablo's error 37
You just cited a movie character for a news article?
is zuckerberg on honeymoon?
Ah man I was so mad. Oh wait. I deactivated my account 2 weeks ago. 
They couldn't let their stock down
Well, maybe g+ got a few new users needing a social fix.
There is nothing wrong  with Face Book having hi-cups at times, but there are everything wrong not informing your fans all over the Globe. I nearly destroyed my system as a result.
Oh no Facebook went down. Now no one has a life outside social media..get the fuck over it and get a life
Twitter went down more,LOL…
Facebook is slowly becoming a thing of the past sorta like MySpace lol 
It was down in Asian morning, and down again in the afternoon. I didn't check in the third time yet.
It is the same in Nigeria, nearly damadged my system while fiddling with the face book page.
for those who complained and said they spent over an hour trying to log in without much success...congrats. you just proved how dull and empty your life is, and how easily you made facebook the centerpiece for it.
If I want to communicate with an out of state/country friend or family member, I get on facebook. Here is where I enjoy being.
no problem here.. im able to login anytime i want on facebook. stop your whining
When is Facebook "NOT" slow and unresponsive...?
My Facebook is still not working! Google+ is working! :)
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