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Rave ‘reviews’ for North Korean Gulags on Google Maps -
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Gives the world a little insight into the government of N Korea...and our own government wants to disarm America?
+John Derrick I don't think you need to fear America being disarmed... You're military is off the scale compared to any other nation on earth.
+Rasmus Nørgaard just ignore +John Derrick he's one of those nut jobs that believe that a bunch of backwoods yokels armed with semi-automatic rifles are the only thing preventing the Hitleresque/Stalenesque takeover of the 'Merican government. 

PS, they also can't tell you the difference between democracy, fascism, socialism and communism.
Whats more scary? A big country with lots of nukes or a little scary country with one.

It only takes one scared little man to screw it up for the rest of us.
It is scary! But it has no relation to whether or not the average american has access to automatic riffles. Which some seem to suggest... 
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