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Is there anything left out there to innovate and disrupt? Sure!
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Headline sounds like the head of the patent office who over 100 years ago said, "everything to be invented has been invented". Something similar to that.

There will ALWAYS be something to innovate and it's changing faster than ever. 
I think Innovation is just starting!!

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W8 Metro / Modern UI alternative tablet OS's for desktop Windows will have a significant role to play IMHO. In other words an Android W8 start screen.
I have an invention,but have no idea how to patent it!
Hey +Jeremiah Anderson ... First search the heck out of it on Google and or the USPTO patent database to make sure you are not wasting your time & money. If it is a unique idea, I would then look last getting a Provisional Patent ( which only cost $110 and protects you for 1 year while you further perfect your idea and hopefully find a manufacturer to license it.

That is a huge conversation crammed into a couple sentences... but I hope it helped! :-) 
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