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Are there any left or have they been stolen from various airports ?
No. Already have an iPad. The mini is way too expensive.
I'd take one as test-device - but for myself: nope.
Are you getting a 4G iPad mini?

To the admin at +TechCrunch who posted this here, I'm having a feeling, that 99% of the answers will be either "No", "I'm getting Nexus 7" or something derogatory related to Apple. This is a fandroid baiting post, admit it :P
+Nino Novak I'm not get a Nexus, already got one.
Even use it more often then my 12" - because it fits some of my pockets... but 7" is really absolute max. Just wonder how well the iPad mini would fit with 7.x inches... pocket fit just matters somehow. Can only recommend to check the dimensions in the first place - no matter which mini-tab.
I am perfectly happy with my Nexus 7. 
Nexus 7 is less expensive and has a way better OS than iPad Mini. So I'll stick with the nexus 7
Any unbiased techie will say that IOS is the far better system that android. It's faster and more statble by far
I already have my kindle fire. So no. I lost interest in certain apple products such as the iPads and iPhones, when they started suing everyone for rounded edges or whatever
IOS = The mobile OS made for the computer stupid people
Android = The mobile OS made for the non computer stupid people
Less possibilities is just easier to overview, but limiting on the other hand. Android can be configured for "computer stupid people" as well, just need to know someone who can help.
so android or ios much better??
+Martin Zeitler Tell me one thing that you can do on Nexus 7 and I can't on my iPad and it has to be something that I is really really important. So far I haven't found anything. I don't know what Android users are doing with their mini-tablets, but I just do the usual stuff like browsing internet, writing and reading email, making and processing photos, social media, reading, chatting, and now and then I download some interesting apps and games, but I don't play that much. Sometimes I create some documents on Pages, but rarely. I rather work on my iMac. So what in the world are you doing on your Nexus 7, that makes the experience so much superior to mine? I'm very curious.
We have some 4G coverage in Germany - just nobody can afford it... in 10yrs maybe.
+Nino Novak Guess it's about the kind of apps available - e.g. some serious web-scripting editor like DroidEdit or Jota (so I don't have to smear to paper on the train) - or way better integration of Google Apps for Business. Having WinAmp on Android, is there one for iOS? When you checkout the UI of the apps they're often over-simplified. Having to do with both OS, but sometimes really get aggressive on iOS because I'm feeling fooled - but the display is great :)
+Martin Zeitler This is true.  People that choose to go Android over iOS is that they don't want to feel like their trapped in a cage when they use the device. 
+Nino Novak One thing that I am doing with my Nexus 7 right now that I know you can't do with iOS is plugging it into my PC, and dragging/dropping files to and from the device.  Since with android devices you can actually get to the file structure of the OS.

As far as I know you can't do that with iOS since you need to sync folders with iTunes or drop important documents into Google Driver, Dropbox, iCloud, Skydrive, etc... etc... etc..

So yeah that's kind of important.
+Josh Smith Guess some are just afraid of the learning-curve a new OS has - which is obviously a little less steep on iOS... while others are stuck with BB forever.
+Josh Smith This is for me too troublesome, I prefer to synch in iTunes, I'm used to it, so I don't see this as a disadvantage. Also, iCloud syncs all my photos and documents automatically across devices, that saves time. Dropbox is very useful, too. So is there anything else besides dragging and dropping files?
+Nino Novak. Okay hold on I love debates between the two OS's. Technically Android is superior. Proven usability, functionality and overall performance. I should know I've owed both. I laughed when I found out I could not Bluetooth files off my iPhone but cried when I couldn't get a file off a friends computer. Unless you carry your iTunes installation disk or every computer you come into contact with has internet you pretty much screwed. It was really amazing when I connected my projector to Samsung Galaxy S3 to do a power point presentation. Without having to troll through an app world. These things come standard. Look I'm not going to go though the entire list of faults in iOs. You can do that in your spare time. It's a fact that open source software is limitless. IOs doesn't stand a chance.
+Malcolm Weaich "Look I'm not going to go though the entire list of faults in iOs."

Yeah, that's because you don't have anything. Who's gonna do PP presentations with a tablet or phone? Well, I certainly wouldn't, it's very unprofessional in the field I am in. So yeah, how many normal people really need that? Not many.

"Proven usability, functionality and overall performance."

That's a baseless statement, it's just your opinion, not fact. You could also add the malware threat on Android. If you're fair, iOS is much more secure when it comes to malware and privacy concerns - now that's a fact.
Oh and to cover the synchronizing issue. I guess you have not used an android device. Google Sync is all I need from multimedia to contacts. It's free and unlimited. And if you feeling special Dropbox comes standard with ICS.
+Nino Novak There's professional application layer  firewalls like LBE Privacy Guard or there's even McAffee ... well, one has to care for his own security and might need to pay a little extra.
+Martin Zeitler Yet there is more and more stories about malware threat on Android. That's a fact I would not swallow lightly, if I was an Android user.
+Nino Novak
If all you are doing is the "usual stuff" then why pay 65% more for the most basic iPad mini when you could get a nexus 7 and do the same things? They all have the same basic functionality and an app store with plenty of support for whatever photo editing and document writing you plan to do. 
+Nino Novak I'm not exactly a user, rather API developer.
Guess the mere difference just is if someone likes things predefined or to define themselves - as this malware example shows. I mean, if adding the price difference as paid apps - way more to do than with a bare base system (as of direct OS comparison). That "malware treat"is merely users who missed the point to add any security system of their choice... base Android is secure as a Linux PC without anything.
+Joshua Duncan Glad you asked. I pay more for the built quality, the security (no malware threats), the resell value and because I like the Apple ecosystem and the apps. I have many of them, which I use across devices. The apps on iPhone and iPad are for me personally by far superior to those on Android (my wife has Android phone and tablet, I compared). I'm someone, who is willing to pay money for all that. Widgets and dragging files is secondary to me, for that I have my Mac. I think these arguments between Apple and Android users come down to philosophy and values. Both systems are so far advanced, that they can satisfy the most basic needs of users and beyond. But many Android users are for me cheapos, they want everything free, they calculate every buck and use that as an argument. I'm different. I am paying for what has never let me down so far, what works very well for me and I believe it's good bang for the buck. You obviously don't and that's fine. But why can't you acknowledge and respect, that Apple has good products and that the huge number of satisfied and loyal users are not duped or stupid, they simply value different aspects of a gadget and its OS. And it works for them well.
+Nino Novak
I can certainly acknowledge that they make good products, I'm typing this on an iPod touch. I don't believe all apple users to be duped and accept that we all make choices based on what we value. I prefer the freedom android offers where I can flash the latest version on to my nook color if I so choose and have it run relatively flawlessly and yes I can be a cheapo at times and don't see the small increase in build quality as worth the price. To each his own. I just was curious of your perspective on the price difference since it had not yet come up. 
Ron W
Thought of getting it. But my iPad LTE with retinal display is much faster and better than iPad mini. For reading books I use a Kindle. So I really don't need an iPad mini. It may be good for users who do not have an iPad. 
haha are you insane, why woudl i get this when a 32gb nexus 7 is like half the price?!
NOPE..jus keep hammering away at my HP touchpad...;)
Nope Compared to the price, it's not very efficient:)
Nah I'd much rather get the regular one
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