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Bashing Apple actually worked.... maybe they´re over doing it now... not sure why Samsung would target Blackberry... they´re not a threat...
S Mann
So boasting about the your products features is 'bullying' now? lol.
Saw this commercial during the football game yesterday.  Samsung does seem to be firing on all cylinders right now.  Putting out some great products, and their ads are the best since PC vs Mac.  There has been a lot of speculation about what is causing the decline of Apple stock, and I think one of the factors has to be that the Android OS and competing phones have caught up to the iPhone (and in some areas have passed it).  Regardless, this is good for consumers as the competition is heating up, and it is good to see commercials that highlight the battles in a humorous manner.
TJ Evans
I'll take "attack commercials" over "onerous lawsuits" any day!
Makes sense  to take on Blackberry because many business are going from Blackberry to iPhone.  
I agree.  I use a Blackberry for work because I have to.  Many businesses and even the government seem to be opening up to Bring Your Own Device, or even switching to iOS or Android.  It seems the only reason a lot of business and government stuck with BB is security.  If that can be matched by Android and iOS, Blackberry 10 better be an outstanding OS or it's over for RIM.  
lol, Samsung is turning into Apple :)
Talk about a hype-up headline?!
I actually liked the commercial it makes alot sense and represents of a lot of business people are and how they think
Lol you people are blowing this wayyy out of proportion, theyre just showing off features and trying to get people to move along with innovation. 
+Nino Novak It's a parody, just like the I'm a PC, I'm a MAC ads...and that was classic trash talking done with humor.  I think these type of ads are effective and they generate buzz which is the entire goal.  Ads that just show of product features tend to be boring, and don't appeal to the target audience they are usually going for.
+Nino Novak To each his own I guess, the five of us watching the game laughed and talked about the ad for bit after it showed.  That was the only ad we talked about at all during the game.  Come on, you have to admit discussing if the unicorns started the Apocalypse or are trying to prevent it is a little funny...
This is just as normal as any ad would be, why exaggerating it? Looking to bash on something new?
A bully?  TechCrutch (misspelling intended) needs to look up the meaning of the word. Or maybe TechCrutch forgot to use their <sarcasm> tags.

TechCrutch is doing well trolling though; I replied to such an obvious troll parent comment.  I have to remind myself not to feed the trolls.
Apple is still there, slowly but shortly we will regain strength..
Good grief! A company marketing their superior platform in the hope of getting more users, oh the humanity!

What will be next? Companies that aspire to making a profit? 
Great commercial. It didn't seem like it was bullying BB users. Just poking a bit of good fun. I used to use BB and can still get a good laugh from this. I saw it more as showing off the features in their Samsung devices. 
I'll take these ads over those camp-fest annoying commercials Apple does nowadays with that irritating (we're perfect) music playing in the background for each one!
I will take these ads to mindless litigation any day
Actually that's a good idea. Instead of battling it out in court, the company with the best and/or funniest ad wins all the $$$$$$$$. 
I Second What +Shawn Allen Said. This Is A Lot Better Than Those Damn Elitist Ass Commercials Showcasing Standards Features. (Panorama, Really?)
The ad is just challenging the myth that other devices are for fun but BlackBerry is the one for business, which the devout BlackBerry users keep repeating. Much like, "It just works", that the iPhone users keep parroting. 
At least Samsung attacks a none android device unlike Motorola the sux mobility..
There not taking shots just showing that there products are ready to take over the buisness world
If i ran a company i would want my staff to have a BB doe business
Lets face it the BB does business stuff well. Not that android phones dont - just they do so much more so well that productivity would drop as the users explored their phones many features! Exception would be the more media driven companies i guess where a Note 2 would be ideal.
Can't they do an advertisement without bashing or comparing another phone...i think they are scared of BB10 that'll soon be launched(next week i think)...and why would they compare their current offering to a BB hardware thats almost 3yrs old...just wondering
Clearly Samsung feels threatened by bb and there new bb10 OS or they wouldn't be doing ads targeting them.
Samsung is threatened by RIMs new Work/Personal feature on there new bb10 phones. Especially since they quoted the whole carrying 2 phones thing. Bb10 alone eliminates that.

Also the blackberry they use in the commercial is 3 years old lol.
with beautiful Sony Xperia Z in Android and Bb10 coming soon..
Haha thats not bullying. That's just a friendly "welcome" to the party old timer. 
let's see if samsung can kick BB off the perch in my country....
I think portraying itself as good alternative to BB isn't bullying. They didn't make fun of any OS/Manufacturers. Everything shown here is true. I have seen people keeping two different phones for work and fun. I can see BB10 changing that and better than SS's attempt to showcase its features here, but this isn't bullying. What apple does is bullying. Patent wars over stupid obvious "patents". Claiming a new feature as its own and not giving credit where its due. Tell consumers what they can do and they can't. TechCrunch should get its fact straight. 
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