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+ a shit battery, awesome work.
Ugh.  Even the large screen has an awful resolution.  1366 x 768.  I could begin to forgive HP if it was 1600xXXX, had an IPS panel, and had more memory. 
+Derrick Davis most laptop have less than 1080p displays. You're asking a bit much for that type of model. However I find the price of this +HP model too high considering the battery life and the included ram. Anyone know if it's upgradable to a 9 cells and 8gb?
The only advantage I see is they have the largest screen. All other options are smaller so this might draw some attention.
Most expensive? Samsung's Chromebook 550 is more expensive ($500+).
I was going to cite Lenovo's chromebook... TechCrunch writes some seriously unresearched and biased crap.
Todd S.
most expensive new cb...
Ethernet? Samsung Chromebook can still run Ethernet via dongle to its USB 3 port.
+Derek Morr You are right in that the Samsung Chromebook 550 is more expensive than the HP Chromebook, but it's $450 rather than $500+. The $550 model has 3G. There is also a $430 Lenovo model.
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