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+ a shit battery, awesome work.
Ugh.  Even the large screen has an awful resolution.  1366 x 768.  I could begin to forgive HP if it was 1600xXXX, had an IPS panel, and had more memory. 
+Derrick Davis most laptop have less than 1080p displays. You're asking a bit much for that type of model. However I find the price of this +HP model too high considering the battery life and the included ram. Anyone know if it's upgradable to a 9 cells and 8gb?
The only advantage I see is they have the largest screen. All other options are smaller so this might draw some attention.
Most expensive? Samsung's Chromebook 550 is more expensive ($500+).
I was going to cite Lenovo's chromebook... TechCrunch writes some seriously unresearched and biased crap.
Ethernet? Samsung Chromebook can still run Ethernet via dongle to its USB 3 port.
+Derek Morr You are right in that the Samsung Chromebook 550 is more expensive than the HP Chromebook, but it's $450 rather than $500+. The $550 model has 3G. There is also a $430 Lenovo model.
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